7 Tips To Explode Your Facebook Fan Base

How to explode your Facebook fan base? Facebook has flown past RSS and twitter as a way visitors can stay up to date with your website. The question is, are you doing everything you can to take advantage of this free advertising platform?

With over 500 million registered users Facebook is truly an online powerhouse, but that doesn’t mean people will be flocking to your business page right after you create it. You still need to lure people in and subsequently get them to press the “like” button.

Increase Facebook Fans Base

So, instead of bugging all your family friends with requests to check out your page and “like” it, try these 7 techniques to explode your facebook fan base!

1. Utilize the many facebook widgets

Facebook offers many different widgets to help promote your page from the “Like” Box which allows you to display your current fans and stream on your website to the “Like” button which easily allows readers on your site to “like” your post. Browse list of social plugins and see which you can integrate on your site.
Facebook Social Plugins

2. Invite your other subscribers

The most obvious way to grow your Facebook fan base is to ask your current subscribers to “Like” your Facebook page. In fact, you should do this a few times throughout the year to get any new subscribers to your email or twitter list to check out your page. You might see an increased conversion rate if you ask them to participate in your Facebook community, rather than too just “Like” your page. And don’t forget to add a Facebook logo linking to your page in all your email newsletters to further encourage those to subscribe.

3. Link to twitter

Automatically have all your Facebook updates post to your Twitter account by linking the two together. Whenever your Facebook update is longer than 120 characters it get’s truncated and a bit.ly link pointing back to your Facebook page is created. *Tip: To see how many click throughs you generated just paste the bit.ly link in your address bar and add the “+” sign at the end of it.

4. Get fans to join via text

You read that right! This works especially well when you’re doing off-line promotion for your business page. All you have to do is send a text message to 32665 (FBOOK) with the words “like yourusername”(without the quotes). Check out QOT’s article about Facebook username’s if you’re not sure what you’re username is.

5. Promote via your email signature

Probably the easiest way to promote your Facebook page is to add a link to it in your email signature. Once added, every time you send an email you will be effortlessly promoting your page. You might get the most bang for your buck if you provide a call to action. For example, the text of your signature link could read like this: Join the action in our Facebook community! Be sure to click “Like”!

6. Hold a contest

Requiring people to “like” you’re facebook page in order to enter a contest is a great way to rapidly build up your fan base. Plus there are a few applications available that make running a contest extremely simple and effective. Just make sure you are following Facebooks guidelines.

7. Create a landing tab

In order to convert those landing on your fan page into fans you need to create a landing page! In other words, instead of having them come to your page and see your wall they will instead land on a special page that tells them to click the “Like” button and tells them exactly what you’re about. If you offer a free ebook or newsletter you can even paste your sign-up code onto the page to increase opt-ins, as well. To create your customized landing page you will need to install the FBML application and have at least a little experience working with HTML. Or you could just hire somebody to create the page for you.

Facebook Landing Page

Guest author Tory McBroom is an avid blogger, social media marketer and internet entrepreneur whose latest project is helping others create healthy lifestyles on his blog titled simply Low-CalorieDiet.com. You can also share your Facebook tips and write guest articles here.

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