8 Best Tips to Get Quality Twitter Followers

How to get quality Twitter Followers? Whether you are a blogger, marketer, businessman, or social media fella you can’t ignore the importance of Twitter in promoting your blog, product, or business. Your brand can’t get famous if you don’t do Twitter promotion carefully. One of the most important things to do, to get the most out of Twitter, is to get quality Twitter Followers.

Increasing your Twitter followers is not a big task. If you follow people or companies who are using auto-follow tools or people with almost the same followers /following ratio; your followers will definitively increase but what benefits your brand will get from it? Nothing more than a useless large number of followers.

Quality followers are your most important asset on Twitter. These followers are actually the ones who listen to you, buy your products, and reply to and retweet your tweets. These followers are hard to get but they are worth your hard work. Here are 8 useful tips that will help you to get quality Twitter followers.

1. Follow Top Twitter Leaders in Your Niche

Find the people or brands which are the most influential in your niche. This will help you to analyze which techniques they are using to get quality followers. Moreover, you can interact with their followers to tell them about your blog or product.

You can easily find Twitter leaders in your niche using services like twellow and wefollow.


2. Use Real-time Twitter Search

Real-time Twitter Search is a great way to find followers of your choice. You can use it to find people and hot discussions related to your niche or product.

E.g if you want to find people interested in Apple Apps, search “Apple Apps” and you can easily find the people interested in it. Get involved in the discussion going around to get more quality followers.

twitter search

3. Use Twitter #Hashtags as keywords in Tweets

Hashtags are like keyword tags that help label your tweets. Keyword tags allow people to more easily find related content of interest.

Adding hashtags to your tweets will give more exposure to your tweets and people will find you easily.

4. Increase Twitter Engagement

The main purpose of creating Twitter was engagement. Engage with your followers using  @replies. If they ask any questions or say something to their followers, reply to them.

This engagement will make a good impact on those who will visit your profile and they will not hesitate to follow you.

5. Show Retweet Love

Retweeting other Twitter users tweets related to your niche shows your support for them. In return, they might retweet your tweets which will make a way for you to get more quality followers.

6. Use Twitter Custom Background Design

If you have an attractive, well-designed, and informational customized background design on Twitter, people will easily know who you are. You can better brand your product or blog using catchy images, logos, and text in the custom background.

It will give your profile a professional touch and people who will be interested in your services will follow you.

twitter background

7. Quality Tweets

To get more quality followers, quality tweets are the key. Your tweets should be beneficial for your community.

It doesn’t mean that you only tweet about your product or blog articles but also about yourself. E.g if you are tweeting 10 times about your product then 1 tweet should be related to you.

8. Promote Twitter Profile

This is one of the most important and simple ways to get quality Twitter followers. Promote your Twitter profile on your blog or website using your profile link or Twitter button. If people will like your product or service they might follow you on Twitter to get the latest updates from you.

If you are using Twitter to create a dialogue with interesting people then having a large number of followers will be good for you but if you are using it to promote a business, quality is definitely a better barometer.

What are your thoughts on the above tips? If you know about any other nice tips, do add them in the comments.

Asad Mubeen is a blogger and tech lover who is Editor-in-Chief of TecRux, – Technology News Blog, a new but promising blog that covers technology news related to Google, Apple, Microsoft, the web, and also shares interesting How-to’s, tips, and tricks.

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