11 Exciting Ways to Use Twitter For Real-Time Results

How to Use Twitter For Real-Time Results? Do you remember going through the process of setting up your first twitter account with a short bio, picture, clicking to follow suggested twitter personalities and sending out your very first 140-character tweet to the world?

Then, you began to ask yourself, what’s the point in sending out short tweets and nothing else after that? Boring, isn’t it? Well, I searched the internet and found out that there are better ways of enjoying your twitter experience, such as getting a job, playing, games, posting videos, raising money and building applications.

Read on to discover 11 exciting ways to utilize twitter for real-time results.

  1. Capturing & sharing screenshots of your website on twitter: If you want to take screenshots of your website or blog to share with friends on twitter, tweeshot is a perfect tool to accomplish the task for you.
  2. Sharing pictures on twitter: You can post pictures on twitter to share amongst your followers using twitpic.com. Iphone users can use instagram share photos as well.
  3. Raising money for a cause: Are you trying to save the world? You can raise money for a cause using twitpay, a social media payments system for raising money from twitter users via paypal.
  4. Making money tweeting other people’s stuff: You can join the a-list of celebrities such as snoop dogg, kim kardashian, and lindsay lohan in making money on twitter. How? Simply sign up on ad.ly and mylikes.com to start promoting other people’s stuff. However, ad.ly requires you to have up to 5,000 followers to be considered for huge advertising deals.
  5. Advertising on twitter: If you want to spread your brand’s presence online, you can do that quickly and easily on twitter for a small fee. Simply sign up on any one of these sites (ad.ly and mylikes.com) to start advertising your products and services for as low as $20 per weekly budget.
  6. Landing your dream job: Are you in the market for a job? Well, you can use twitjobsearch to land your dream job.
  7. Building apps: Are you a developer? You can easily develop apps on twitter, just like those on facebook and myspace. Simply visit dev.twitter.com and create your cool apps to integrate on twitter.
  8. Tracking your brand’s #hashtags: Hashtags make it easier for users to find additional tweets on a particular subject, while filtering out the incidental tweets that may just coincidentally contain the same keyword. To track your favourite hashtags, simply use twitter search or tweetgrid to perform real-time twitter searches.
  9. Playing online games: You can also play games on twitter such as: spymaster, tweefight, 140mafia.
  10. Adding more followers on autopilot: If you want more followers on twitter on autopilot, there’s a simple way to do it. Here comes hitfollow.info. This site allows you to build your followership up to 3,000 on autopilot, for a small fee of $65. There’s also the free version, which gives you up to 100 followers in seconds.
  11. Managing your twitter account: Manageflitter.com is a site I recommend for managing your twitter account. On this site, you can choose to either clean up or manage who you follow, find out who isn’t following you back, and find out which inactive accounts you follow. Another interesting site is twunfollow.com which gives you daily updates of people who stopped following you on twitter.

Did I leave out your favorite twitter tool from the above-named list? Please share it with us! Happy tweeting!

Guest author Caroline Wabara is the blogtress behind  carolinewabara.com where she writes articles on Internet Marketing, Life and Business Coaching. Sign up today for her Free 30-day eCourse to help get you get started with your own online/offline business success strategies.

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