301 Redirects Lose Google Juice, Pagerank [Confirmed]

Google has confirmed that that 301 redirects will cause a tiny loss of Google juice and Pagerank as Google crawls across to the new page. In general, site owners and webmasters believe that 301 redirects are the best way to pass same pagerank, but be aware that some loss will occur in your SEO efforts.

301 Redirects Lose Pagerank

Watch this embedded video where Google engineer Matt Cutts explains clearly that though 301 redirects are the best way to inform search engines that the site has moved to a new url, a ‘very tiny little bit’ of google juice and pagerank drop is inevitable…

Why lose Google juice? He explains the reason very well – because otherwise people might start using 301 redirects instead of direct links to the sites. This ensures that 301 redirects are used only when required.


  1. Jeannette McClennan says:

    If 301 Redirects are used only when required, then there will not be any loss of PR.

  2. Nasif says:

    how about 302 redirect ? 302 is temporary redirect so I think there won’t be any page rank loss while using 302 redirect.

    • QuickOnlineTips says:

      302 redirects are only temporary and not a good idea if the links are permanently moved.

  3. Rajib says:

    It is confusing for me. Why 301 redirects can be reason for loosing pr??

  4. Thomas says:

    A loss of page rank is expected….I know this is to curb any sort of spam or gaming of Google. But what about a double 301 redirect
    Page A redirects to Page B which is itself a redirect to Page C.
    I wonder what kind of havoc that will play on the page rank flow?

  5. Gica says:

    Rajib, you loose PR on 301 redirect because Google wants

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