Distraction Free Writing in WordPress

The latest WordPress version has got full-screen distraction-free writing!  Finally, you can write without any distractions from WordPress menu bars, and browser toolbars and concentrate only on writing articles. I played with the new upcoming feature and it is truly amazing.

Cluttered WordPress Editor

Here is what my cluttered WordPress new post editor screen looks like …

normal wordpress editor

WordPress Distraction Free Writing

The new Distraction Free Writing Mode toggle button appears in the post screen in the top right corner. Chances are you might not have even noticed it! I myself had never noticed it after years of blogging.

distraction free writing wordpress

Click the toggle button and the distraction-free mode goes live instantly with a few essential formatting buttons still in place, but the rest of all WordPress admin features, navbar, and sidebar are all gone!

focus writing wordpress

And as you start typing, whatever of the minimal WordPress menu is left … also magically disappears slowly (and comes back when you stop typing).

The focused interface is very useful as it helps you focus on the article you are writing or editing, and avoid distractions, while increasing productivity.

Restore WordPress Clutter

Restoring the WordPress sidebars is easy. Simply hover over that area, click the toggle button, or simply click the ESC key.

I am sure a lot of journalists, writers, and bloggers will find this distraction-free writing feature very useful like these other online writing resources.

You can also learn how to test WordPress nightly builds to find new features and write in a focused mode right now.

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