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Does you domain host a humans.txt file? The humans.txt file is all about knowing the people running a website. It is the latest buzz on the internet as top sites are joining in the trend. Do you host a humans.txt file on your domain name?

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What is the humans.txt file?
It is a simple text .txt file that contains information about people and authors of the sites. It also contains site information and can have thanks messages. A standard format is suggested and an example file looks like this humanstxt.org/humans.txt. Its a good opportunity to introduce your writers, bloggers, developer, web designer, copywriter, webmaster, SEO expert etc.

Where to add the humans.txt file?
Upload the file to your root domain, so that the url will look like domain.com/humans.txt

How to link to humans.txt file?
Add the following link in the HEAD tags with your domain name changed in the code.
<link type="text/plain" rel="author" href="http://domain/humans.txt" />

How to add human.txt in WordPress?
There is the Humans Dot Txt WordPress plugin that will allow you to add a dynamic humans.txt file generated from a custom template.

Why Should I? Is it popular?
When Google starts hosting the file on their domain (google.com/humans.txt), you know the trend is catching on! We also have uploaded our file at quickonlinetips.com/humans.txt. Post the link to your file in comments.

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