How to Change WordPress Login Screen Logo

Do you want to change the WordPress Login screen logo to your own site logo for better branding? Its easy to change the WordPress logo to your logo and will give better branding, especially if you have multiple authors, or require commentors to sign in repeatedly from that page.

Change WordPress Login Logo

1. Modify your logo size to create a new image with following parameters

  • .GIF image
  • Transparent background
  • Size – 310px wide, 70px height
  • Name – logo-login.gif

2. Check your WordPress login screen which would be located on the url or if you host your WordPress in a folder, then it is at

wordpress login screen

3. Now login via FTP on your server and browse to the wp-admin/images folder

4. Find logo-login.gif image and back it up (rename to logo-login-back.gif or download it)

5. Upload your own logo image logo-login.gif to replace it

6. Check your WordPress login screen and your logo is live

wordpress login screen new logo

if you require people to login to your site, you must change your WordPress login screen logo to bet better brand value.


  1. RealTimeTricks says:

    Few months back i heard about changing FB login page and now WordPress. Cool Tricks!

  2. Stephen O'Donnell says:

    Much better to use the Theme My Login plugin, which uses your current template in it’s entirety.

    • QuickOnlineTips says:

      Theme My Login looks interesting, since it uses a page template from your theme.

  3. Digital Bunch says:

    Amazing! Its helps me to be more closer with my reader! I’m implementing this trick. Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. WebPromo says:

    This is really cool idea. I’ve been looking for something like this

  5. Harsh Agrawal says:

    ANother plugin is BM login screen.. This method is good but problem is when you upgrade your blog, you have to do it again…!!

    • QuickOnlineTips says:

      BM login screen looks interesting.
      That is true, when you upgrade, you need to do it again.

  6. Tech Crates says:

    Looks interesting..Gonna implement this trick into my blog… thanks for the share :-)

  7. Ozh says:

    That’s a bad tip IMHO. You’ll lose everything when you update WordPress. A much better alternative would be to use Mark Jaquith’s plugin ( which is as seamless and invisible as possible (no UI, nothing, so client isn’t bothered with menus and stuff)

  8. rakesh kumar says:

    it only change wordpress logo but still link this logo to site. So this is not a great hack at all. If you are customizing wordpress for someone then you want to link back to your site not on wordpress.

  9. ThisIsWhyImBroke says:

    Really cool tip, I just used it and I love having my brand’s logo at my login! Feels less generic now =)

  10. Emmanuel Uduezue says:

    You guys at QOT always provide nice tips for your blog readers, thanks for this tip, been looking for a way to brand my blog login screen.

  11. Aengus says:

    Sweeeeeeet, I have been trying to figure this out. Cheers.

  12. affiliate marketing with ashish patel says:

    But i think the image in logo-login.png… not gif?

  13. shahi says:

    cool trick!

  14. Afsal Rahim says:

    I have created a plugin which does the login page customization and also a little more like changing the default url etc without making much php calls unlike other plugins. This the plugin which I use for my client wordpress sites.

    Plugin Name: My WordPress Login Logo

  15. nuthan says:

    nice tip which is very helpful to show our brand.

  16. Akash Gurnani says:

    This method does not work now.

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