How to Add Google+ Profile Buttons to Your Site

The best way to direct visitors to your Google+ profile or content page is to use a Google+ Profile Button. Google has provided Google+ Profile Buttons generator tool which can give you a cut and paste code easily.

Google+ Profile Buttons

Visit the Google+ Profile button page and you can grab Google profile buttons in various sizes, have an option to link to your content or profile page.

google+ profile button

What is your profile url? We visit and it redirects to (this will only happen if you have a Google+ account).

So either we can use that url or use this profile link which will also redirect to the same page. You can choose to send visitors to your content or author info page.

Note the code also has the author markup recently introduced by Google built in. So if you select Author page, then the rel=”me” gets in, and if you select content page, then rel=”author” get incorporated. This will help show your profile in Google search results. Also note Google has strict branding guidelines and you cannot alter the Google+ logos, need to link to your profile and display the button clearly.

See the Google+ profile button live on our sidebar right now. Add us to your circles.


  1. miracle2u says:

    Nice one, I really love it. Now I am able to add Google +1 profile buttons and make it visible to guest!

  2. sureshpeters says:

    Really its a nice tutorial :)

  3. Michael Chibuzor says:

    Your tutorial is simple and nice. I have tried it and it worked for my blog. Thanks

  4. Amrish Singh says:

    This a very useful tutorial for me because google + is new and no one have good knowledge about its features and how to use this properly .

  5. sujith says:

    Thanks for the tutorial.Me too going to add this to my site.

  6. SEO Shop says:

    Has anyone tried buying Google Plus Ones yet? I def recommend it!

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