How to Fix Feedburner Feeds That Do Not Update

We use the Google Feedburner to distribute our RSS feeds, but how to fix Feedburner feeds which do not update? When you update your blog, the RSS feed updates, then pings Feedburner, syncs your feeds and Feedburner grabs the latest content.

Feedburner Feeds Not Updating

But what if the feed does not update? … and we had a chance to experience this today as Feedburner feed would simply not sync, and not update. Here is what I did…

1. Check original source feed

Has the original feed updated? When you use caching plugins, there is a high chance your feed is cached and when pinged bots come by, they do not find an updated feed. Clear cache and confirm that the original feed has latest content.

2. Validate Feeds

Check your feed with Feedvalidator to see for any RSS errors which prevent your feed from syncing correctly.

3. Ping Feedburner

Use this form to ping your feed URLs or site URL (which should have feed autodiscovery links in the HTML), then your feed will be quickly updated (or it will point out the feed errors). This did not fix our issue as well.

ping feedburner

4. Resync Feedburner Feed

If your feed is valid, and even after pinging the feed does not update in an hour, then Feedburner recommends you go to the feed troubleshoot page (after logging into your Feedburner account) and then you need to resync your feed and it will get updated instantly.

Resync feed

That worked and synced our feed with fresh content. Have you ever need to fix Feedburner feed issues?


  1. Kader says:

    I liked the process of ping, it’s actually a great tool.

  2. Wordpress tips says:

    You actually saved my life from last few days one of my client was facing the same issue, thanks you explained it very well

  3. Herman Dailybits says:

    Yep the pingtool is working great and very fast, when it’s not updating.

  4. Kavi says:

    Hi, I have a doubt. My feed updates correctly. But the thumbnail of the pictures don’t appear on the reading list. Will the problem be solved by resync? I’ve tried everything else. But I don’t want my posts to disappear because of resync

  5. Afsaneh says:

    Question – How do you do No.1?
    And, I’ve tried No.3 and No.4 but neither have helped.
    As for No.2, it says – This feed is valid, but interoperability with the widest range of feed readers could be improved by implementing the following recommendations.
    Can you help me out here?
    Thank you!

  6. John Romaine says:

    Aha, it turned out Id registered a new domain name and forgot to update it! Doh!

  7. Joseph says:

    This was helpful, but still no dice with my Blogger feed. It’s mostly validating (nothing feedburnr isn’t clearing up), but for whatever reason my past 3 posts aren’t appearing. So I’m going to check to make sure the dates aren’t entered improperly on the posts, scan through the source HTML of the last post which didn’t render for any anomalies, and ensure other metadata such as language hasn’t been changed.

  8. Vitaly says:

    Hi! How i can change FeedBurner delivery options from daily to weekly? Help, please.

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