State of Comment Spam: 3 Million Comments Blocked!

We analysed the state of comment spam on our website over the last few years and Akismet stats reveal that a whopping 3 million spam comments were blocked by it on our site over the last few years!

Akismet is a powerful antispam comment blocking WordPress plug-in, which comes preloaded with all WordPress installations and is one of the most necessary plug-ins to stop comment spam and let you engage in blogging rather than moderating comments of the time. In fact then you imagine a WordPress blog without Akismet.

Comment spam

See the screenshot of our Akismet stats below to see the State of Spam on our site over the last few years.

Spam stats

Well Akismet started blocking spam comments in 2006 since we moved from Blogger to WordPress. For some strange reason, spam was lowest in 2009. Spam continued to increase over the years, and last year we got 1 million spam comments! Akismet blocked over 3 million spam comments over these years, and considering that only 27,000 comments are approved and live on the site over the years right now, you get an idea of how spam comments can overwhelm a blogger’s daily routine if such plug-ins were not there

Akismet was able to block spam comments with 99.88% accuracy, which is amazing! In fact, the spam comments got so worse last year, that we had to turn off comments for a short time on older posts, as spam bots continued to overwhelm the servers. However, over the years, thanks to some amazing WordPress plug-ins like GASP,  spam comments are now under control, and now comment moderation is much less laborious.

How does the Akismet spam chart looks for your WordPress blog?

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