8 Steps to Create a Brand for Your Blog

Create a Brand for your blog. Most businessmen and bloggers are of the opinion that branding applies only for big corporations with a large budget for advertising. This was applicable once upon a time but is no longer applicable today. With the dawn of the internet, it is equally easy for small businesses and big businesses to create brands and promote them. As per Robert Kiyosaki, those that are not brands are commodities.

If you do not build a brand for your blog, then you are losing out on a lot of income. Brands can be overwhelmingly powerful. To create a powerful brand for your own blog, you just have to follow the following 8 simple and smart steps:

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1. Choose a domain name focused on your niche

This is the first and most important step to powerful branding. You require a domain name that is closely related to your niche and is well- associated with it too. Many bloggers use personal names for their domains while their blogs are not personal. This is a big mistake to be made by one, including John Chow and is highly unadvised a step to take.

If you wish for your blog to be special, then select a unique and well-focused domain name. The domain you choose must be catchy and stick to the memory of readers. Some good domain names are BuyUKCars.com, TucsongolfPro.com, XYZMarketingTactics.com, etc

2. Find a unique design for your blog

You should find a unique and visually appealing blog design. Having a well- planned blog layout that is easily navigable and comprehensible will attract more visitors to your blog. A unique blog design is a very important element of a blog.

3. Make your logo creative and unique

Every blog requires a logo for users to identify with it. Examples of important logo brands are Nike, McDonald, and Adidas. Your logo must represent the essence of your blog, symbolizing respect and authority in the niche. Your logo must be a graphical representation of all that your blog stands for.

 4. Headers and Taglines must be catchy

When someone visits your blog, the first thing that they look at is your header or your tagline. It is extremely necessary thereby that your header be catchy and attractive. It must focus on the problems faced by your target market and the solutions offered by you.

5. Your ‘About us’ page must be elaborate

One of the first pages that users visit on a blog is the ‘about us’ page. Readers are curious to know about the face behind the creation of the blog and his qualities and personality. This means that this page is very important in branding. An ideal ‘about us’ page must contain the mission, vision, and objectives of your blog.

6. Unique and personal writing style

Your writing style is one of the key factors in determining your blog’s identity. The content you write voices all that your blog has to say and is exactly why your readers visit your blog. You require a unique writing style for a powerful blog. Some things you could consider:

  • Will your posts be short like those of Seth Godin or like those of Steve Pavlina?
  • Will you keep to the normalcy line or move on to controversial posts like those of Robert Kiyosaki?
  • Will your posts be blunt and imperative, following the examples of Jeremy Shoemaker?
  • The content you write is going to cause face-offs like those of  John Chow or keep out of this like those of Pat Flynn and Tim Ferris?
  • Would you like to keep your English simple or take it to technical terminology?

Once you answer these questions, you will have defined your own writing style and its fundamentals. The aim of your articles is to manifest your ideas, philosophy and your creativity.

7. Have a particular style of posting

You should apply this tactic called posting style. You should decide how frequently you will publish posts – every day, twice a week, once a week or once a fortnight. Once you make up your mind, stick to your decision. This will allow your readers the knowledge of when they can expect to read your next article. The essentials of branding are about being constant and predictable after all.

8. Interact with your readers uniquely

You must have a unique way of interacting with your readers. Decide on the closeness of the relationship you wish to share with your readers and the frequency of interaction. Do you wish to interact through your blog or by being everywhere like Pat Flynn? Choose which platform you would prefer for interaction- Twitter or Facebook. See if you require other social media for your interactions. These are things that you solely can decide.

You must understand that to create a brand for a blog is not an affair that will happen in no time. It is a gradual process that will happen over a few years. You must be concentrated, focused and consistent. Just take each step slowly and you will reach the top even before you know it.

This article is written by guest author Marcos,  who has been blogging for the last 3 years and shares Blogging Tips at Blogging Junction.

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