Google+ Has 500 Comments Limit!

Have you tried posting a comment on a popular Google+ post with 500 comments? Did you know Google+ has a 500 comments limit? If you happen to post a comment on a 500 comments Google plus topic, this is what happens…

500 Google+ Comments

You want to post a comment on a 500 comments Google plus topic. At first the “Add a comment” box prompts you to add a comment.

add Google comment

Then you wish to contribute your thoughts in addition to these 500 comments and interact with the discussion. You type a long thoughtful comment, click ‘Post Comment’.

google plus comments

Instantly a pop-up alert on top reminds you that you are not allowed to comment on this post! But why? Has your account be limited in some way?

no google comment

Then the comment box also disappears on that post. Your long and thoughtful comment just disappeared for no reason.

blocked Google comments

Strange! At first I thought my account was selectively blocked or something. Then I gradually realised after experimenting with several popular posts, that is futile to comment after 500 comments have been posted.

To avoid this frustration, Google+ should remove the “Add a comment” prompt from popular posts which have 500 comments, or they should add a small notice beneath these comments that the 500 comments limit has been reached. At least it will prevent people from wasting their time posting their comments, and not understanding why they are not allowed to comment on these popular posts.

Aren’t you happy to see your Facebook post got 1500 comments? Why does Google+ have this 500 comments limit anyway?

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