Energy Nap Pods: The Secret Way Companies Increase Productivity

Energy nap pods are the new secret tool that top companies are using to increase staff productivity. What do employees need after a busy morning schedule and a heavy lunch – everyone craves a 20 minute power nap. But do companies allow employees to doze off at work?

It seems companies are realising that power naps help to increase productivity of their staff, and are willing to let them sleep off, as it makes them work better and sharper, not to mention work late hours easily.

Power Naps at Work

Although the importance of the nap pod was realized by several companies years ago, many more employers are realizing the need to install nap pods, and of course employees welcome the idea, especially those working late hours. People have been spotting energy pods at Google offices for quite some time…

Google energy nap pods
Google energy nap pods

Metronaps designs these energy pods at Google which are power napping pods which allow employees to get deep sleep for a limited time, and wake up more alert to perform better tasks. Recently Wesleyan alumni Christopher Lindholst and Arshad Chowdhury, co-founders of MetroNaps –  donated these nap machines for their library also.

How does the Energy Nap Pod Work?

EnergyPod reclines the body perfectly, elevates the feet and relaxes the back muscles. The privacy visor can be brought forward for additional privacy. The preprogrammed  one touch i20 feature allows for a perfect 20 minute nap (all the you can increase the time it so desired for more sleep). Deep sleep is aided by special music rhythms for additional relaxation and to eliminate surrounding noise. There are options to use additional headphones if so desired for better noise cancellation. The Nap pod gently wakes the person after the preset sleep time by a gentle combination of lights and vibration. See more detailed photos here.


In fact you will be surprised that there are so many types of sleeping pods available in the market. Have you ever tried a sleeping pod? Does you company provide nap pods at office?

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