Download Dot Com Disclosures: FTC Digital Advertising Guide

You can now download  dot com Disclosures, the latest version of the FTC guidelines on disclosures in digital advertising. The revised new edition new edition primarily adds suggested updates to the growing online advertising on mobile smartphones and social media marketing platforms.

Dot Com Disclosures Book

dot com disclosures bookThe 53 page ebook is all about “How to Make Effective Disclosures in Digital Advertising”. As the cases of deceptive advertisements and paid product endorsements are growing – it is becoming increasing difficult for the common web users to understand if the information is unbiased and free from any paid influences by the advertiser.

The guidelines are the efforts of the Federal Trade Commission to prevent deceptive online ad claims and to protect consumers on all platforms and mediums. It encourages people doing paid endorsements on blogs and social media sites to ensure proper disclosure to let the followers and readers be aware that it is an advertisement for the products. Various best practices for proper disclosures are highlighted clearly.

I suggest all bloggers, website owners and social media marketing guys must read the suggested FTC guidelines as they are essential not only to protect your site visitors but also to modify your activities to abide by the law.

The book is full of great examples in the end, which make the rules very clear. I am sure Twitter advertisers will need to relook conversions now while  offering $10000 per tweet to celebrities.

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