Dell XPS 18: Giant Windows 8 Tablet

Dell has launched XPS 18, a full HD 18.4 inches Windows 8 tablet, which is also an all-in-one computer which will be for sale in US markets soon. If you thought the Apple iPad was a smaller size, this large Dell tablet promises to give you a huge entertaining and browsing experience.

Dell XPS 18

dell xps18 tablet

Powered by the fluid touch interface of Windows 8, the powerful new tablet boasts of twice the screen size of the Apple iPad and can be easily linked to a wireless keyboard and mouse for a complete desktop computer experience. Simply use the flip out feet, and the tablet gets a stand to use. A full HD 18.4” 1080p multi-touch display promises sheer joy while browsing the web or viewing videos and photos in your hand or lap.

This is the future of desktops –  a standalone all-in-one tablet screen, easily having all the advantages of the tablet and a full computer.  More and more computer and tablet manufacturers are trying to get this compromise between the  best that computers and tablets have to offer.

It will be integrated with the Dell Wyse PocketCloud application to store and share data on the cloud and also sync with other iOS and Android devices.

Starting at $899, the XPS 18 will start shipping soon with third generation Intel Pentium processors, 4GB of RAM and a 320GB hard drive. What are your expectations and thoughts on this gadget? Will you buy?

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