How to Get Pinterest Web Analytics

Pinterest Web Analytics are now released and you can now check the traffic statistics of your Pinterest Boards for free. Meeting the long standing demands of Pinterest fans, they released this new feature which will give users an inside look of their Pinterest Boards and Pins and if they are actually interesting to users. But its not there for all boards unless you have linked it with a website!

Pinterest Web Analytics

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1. Verify website –  First you need to verify your domain name for your Pinterest Board. So for example we visit and then click on the Pencil icon and the next pop up screen will allow to add your website address. Then you can verify with an HTML file or a META tag added to your site. If you do not see the pencil icon, you can also reach it via Account Settings drop down on the right.

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Once your site is verified, the tick icon will appear next to it. Now go to the next step.

2. Switch to New Design –  Now you can again go to the drop down and click on”Switch to the New Look”, which will give you access to the brilliant vibrant new design of Pinterest with amazingly big new image previews.

switch pinterest design

 3. View Pinterest analytics – Once you have enjoyed the new Pinterest Design preview (you can still go back) – you can visualize your analytics from the new drop down options which become available.

pinterest analytics

Behold – there are amazing analytics data for your website. Remember the best way to pin your own content is via the Pinterest bookmarklet. You can easily find your most pinned content, most clicked, most recent and the site metrics for your verified domain name. Enjoy.

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