Fastest CDN for Loading jQuery, Bootstrap

Do you use the fastest CDN for loading scripts like jQuery, Bootstrap on your site. Both these scripts power  thousands of sites, and most site owners use the power of free third party popular CDNs to host these scripts, without increasing their server load and spending server monthly bandwidth.

Default CDNs

If you are like me, then you are probably using the default choices. Most people load  jQuery through Google Developers hosted libraries and Bootstrap through Bootstrap CDN which are the most commonly used options. We use the following sources to load jQuery and Bootstrap.

These are the most popular CDNs for these scripts, but are they the fastest and most reliable CDN.

Fastest CDN

Lets see what CDNperf has to say about the speed of different CDNs. This is a site which compares popular Content Delivery Networks (CDN) for latency, uptime, downtime etc.

cdn speeds

The clear winner with least latency consistently is at the bottom (black line).  That is the Microsoft CDN! Its called the Micrsosoft Ajax Content Delivery Network and used to be previously accessible at and now has beem renamed to

So here are the source files I am loading my files now on this site.

Microsoft Ajax CDN hosts both jquery and Bootstrap scripts and many other popular scripts. Simply change your current source url to these and enjoy a faster CDN experience, and a faster Bootstrap experience as well.

Why use a CDN? A content delivery network will allow users to access the file nearest their geographical location, which will help to increase site speed. We also use MaxCDN and Amazon Cloudfront to host several static files on this site in addition now to Microsoft CDN.

Why load jQuery/bootstrap by CDN? These are common scripts and using popular  CDN allows these files to be cached in your browsers as you visit multiple sites. These are heavy scripts, so serving from third party free servers which are through CDN allows faster delivery of these heavy scripts to the user browser, and your server bears no extra load and saves your hosting bandwidth which heavy scripts can quickly drain.

Of course they host many other scripts and you can use them too. The benefit of using many scripts through one CDN service is that you have less HTTP requests to new domains and this also helps to increase site speed.