My Feedburner FeedFlare Units

If you use a Feedburner feed, then addition of FeedFlare gives your subscribers more interactivity with your feed with easy ways to email, tag, share, and act on the content you publish.

Here are some Feedflare Units I created.

  • Display Copyright – (Wishlist #50)
    Displays a copyright message associated with an item.
    Flare Unit XML
  • Search Me – (Wishlist #71)
    Links to a search for the author’s name in Google
    Flare Unit XML
  • Slashdot This
    Links to the submit story page of Slashdot
    Flare Unit XML
  • Fark It
    Submit Link to
    Flare Unit XML
  • Powered By FeedBurner – (Wishlist #5)
    Displays that this feed is Powered By FeedBurner
    Flare Unit XML
  • What’s This – (Wishlist #38)
    Links to the FeedFlare Overview and FAQ
    Flare Unit XML
  • Blog This – (Wishlist #7)
    Lets a reader blog about the current post using Blogger
    Flare Unit XML
  • Add to Blogroll – (Wishlist #75)
    Lets the reader add the blog to their blogroll
    Flare Unit XML

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