WordPress Ping List

WordPress ping list is a useful list of blog pinging services which help to push your content to a number of RSS indexing services. When you ping an RSS tracking service, they immediately download your RSS feed, get the latest content and then push it across various services. Pinging is the best way to push your content first.

WordPress allows bloggers to choose which pinging services WordPress should ping when a new post is published.  By default, WordPress uses Pingomatic, a service which in turn pings multiple RSS aggregators, which then check your updated content. But by adding more pinging services, you can push your content faster and wider.

WordPress Ping List

Here is the list which we use on this blog. If the list seems short, its because it has been specially filtered to include only working ping tools, and avoid duplication by pinging multiple similar services and in multiple languages.





Note: In the first link, remember to replace feed url with your own url.

How to Update WordPress Ping List?

After logging into WP admin > Settings > Writing > Update Services

Add the WordPress ping list in the text area and save changes.


Next time you post a WordPress article, see how fast it gets indexed by various search engines.