10 One-Click Ping Tools to Update Search Engines, RSS Trackers

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Blog and Ping! How can you update multiple search engines, RSS feed tracking services and blog directories about your latest blog article. There are many ping lists available and many pinging tools which can do this in one click.

Pinging lets dozens of services which specifically track and connect blogs to know you’ve updated so they can come check you out. I was using Pingomatic for several months, but maybe it has become so popular with bloggers, that it many times does not connect for me or works very slow. So what are alternatives to Pingomatic?

Pingomatic Alternatives

multiple ping

So I set out to look for alternative pinging services that ping or notify a number of blogging services that keep track of weblogs and publish them. By pinging, you let the services know that your blog has been updated and hence, they crawl and index your site, publishing your blog contents, thus increasing your blog’s popularity.

Remember pinging is important if you use feedburner feed since feedburner will come crawling around after you ping it and update your feed with the latest content. And based on its content other blog tracking services will update.

One Click Multiple Blog Services Pingback Tools

  • Pingomatic – the most popular. Pings several popular services and specialized services. Create a bookmark for each ping url.
  • Pingoat – Pings a huge collection of 52 blogging services, including special services and non english tracking services. You can easily select all services by selecting the category.
  • King Ping – Pings multiple services – 18 in all. Easy to check and uncheck boxes. And you can also create a bookmark with your settings.
  • Blogflux Pinger – Pings 32 services, including several specialized services and language specific services too.
  • Feedshark – Ping, submit, & promote your blog, feed, or podcast for free to multiple services.
  • Ping The Empire – Pings 18 common blog tracking services.
  • Pingates – pings 37 services including several many Japanese ones
  • Ping.In – notifies several Blog Search Engines and blog directories, much like pingoat.
  • Autopinger – will automatically ping your selected blog services. Has a XML-RPC interface too.

Do you know about WordPress Pinging Lists – which help to ping update services smartly. Please let me know of more services which I can add to this list and keep it updated. Till then Blog and ping! [This post is regularly updated.]

72 comments on “10 One-Click Ping Tools to Update Search Engines, RSS Trackers

  1. Anonymous says:

    Pingoat sometimes categorizes the regular blogs as splogs!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Pingoat can be a real pain sometimes.

    Yesterday, I had to wait around 2 minutes for Pingoat to finish. Several of my friends had to wait over 5 minutes!

    I myself would only recommend Pingoat to someone who happens to have lots of free time to spare.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I think pingoat is overkill. I mean do I really need to submit my english speaking blog to all of those foreign services????? lol

  4. FeedShot Support says:

    We’ve just released a beta version of our new service called FeedShot, that submits your blog to a number of different blog search engines for free.

    We’re adding new search engines daily. Check us out at: www.feedshot.com.

  5. Marshall Kirkpatrick says:

    Actually, if you use Feedburner you don’t need to ping anymore…they now provide a customizable automatic pinging service any time you post a new blog article. i wrote about it on my site yesterday, http://marshallk.blogspot.com

    That said, my second choice is pingoat.

  6. Ambrotose Complex says:

    Great List and I applaude you for making it available to us..Blogs are truly changing the landscape!

  7. Joseph Scott says:

    I recently released another alternative to Pingomatic called PINGQueue (http://www.pingqueue.com/). It offers services similar to Pingomatic along with a history of your pings with responses from the services that received it.

  8. elvira black says:

    thanks–this was a great public service.

    Since you mentioned Pingoat, I tried that first, but it “blacklisted” my site, i guess thinking it might be spam (it’s an absolutely legit blog). But I tried another one on your list and it worked…yay! It’s so frustrating when Ping o Matic is on the fritz, so I”m glad I found your post here.

  9. Frank says:

    Pingoat has turned into a real advertising trap!

  10. Mark says:


    Pingoat now pings 52 services.

    PingMyBlog is now Blogflux Pinger.

    Feed Shark now offers full automation. Podcast support has also been implemented.

  11. QuickOnlineTips says:

    Thanks Mark for the update and your time. The post has been updated.

  12. oliver says:

    very helpfull list thank you!
    is there a php script or something that could do all them automatically?

  13. kurniawan says:


    Nice list

    How can i utilize the list and put it in my wordpress so that it will ping everytime I post in my blog


  14. vinson says:

    I have launched a new free blog and podcast ping service at http://autopinger.com that auto-pings blogs and podcasts. It basically handles the ping management for bloggers and podcasters.

  15. youlaida says:

    Great tool, Vinson! I bet your autopinger would kill the rest of the ping services by offering auto pinging. I have to say it’s AWESOME!

  16. Frank says:

    Great stuff Vision. Thats exactly what i was looking for in the Net!

  17. defiance says:

    a good list! =)

    thank you! =)

  18. John Bokma says:

    I have written a simple Perl script that pings several services and can easily be extended: Ping your blog via XML-RPC to update services with Perl.

    It can, for example, be called via cron.

  19. foerdermittelberatung says:

    Nice collection! And useful as well! :-)

  20. disappointed says:

    I am disappointed that I fell for this. I used Feedshark not knowing too much about how it would work out. Shortly afterwards I received, for the first time, my first fishing ad which appeared in my blog stats as a user visiting my page. When I checked to see where it had originated from I was taken to a dodgy page which asked for my email before I could proceed and further investigations took me to a company advertising it’s services. From where I am sitting this looks and smells like a scam.

    I would like to know how to remove my details from feed shark.

  21. James says:

    Dumb question, but would it be fruitful to utilize more than one ping service? I’m just getting started and am new, but it seems like if it’s redundant, it could potentially black-ball you as a blogger (in the search engines anyway)

  22. Patrick says:

    http://pingates is one of ping service

  23. Kate says:

    Great post!

    disappointed > I’ve been using Feed Shark for almost a year now, and haven’t experienced any problems…

  24. Liam says:

    I agree with Kate. I too have been using Feedshark for quite a while now – without any problems.

    lol @ disappointed. I assume you’re referring to “referer spam”, right?

    FYI, referer spam is quite common. If the legitimate search engine spiders can find your site, I’m sure it wouldn’t be too hard for a few spam spiders/bots to find your site as well! ;)

    Read this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Referer_spam


  25. Adam says:

    I wonder if there is any plugin to do it.

  26. r00t9 says:

    this service looks neat http://ping.in/

  27. KC says:

    blogomatic is defunct — points people to feedburner now

  28. MultiZ says:

    Thanks for the post.

    This article can be very helpful for bloggers.

  29. OBD2 says:

    Great post! Very Helpfull.

  30. armier says:

    1 always use autopinger when pinging to search engine


  31. sadhweb says:

    Thanks for the post.

    This article can be very helpful for bloggers.

  32. Francisco says:

    Thanks for this quite useful post.

    Keep up.

  33. mylottian says:

    Thanks for your contribution! it’s very useful!

  34. Matt says:

    Very useful information. Thank you!

  35. Binz says:

    Thanks for the post.
    Nice collection! And useful as well!

  36. itiraf says:

    Thanks for this quite useful post.

  37. Cloudwalker says:

    Thanks for the ping list :) Just ran them all now.. Will see how it goes!

  38. myregion86 says:

    good article, nice services, but pingoat is stupid(my blog=splog) no way.

  39. slotvent says:

    If you ping too many times does it mark you as spam ?

  40. satya says:

    That’s great list but also we can use the Pingshot that is inbuilt with feedburner.

  41. firmalar says:

    thank you

  42. News girl says:

    Blogflux Pinger restricted to its members.

  43. Sarah says:

    “Ping The Empire” doesn’t seem to work anymore.

  44. Tonya says:

    Hey – thanks! I’ve been looking for alternatives to both pingomatic and pingoat, and these are very very helpful!!

  45. Deden says:

    I think autopinger.com is not available again. I only see this messege in my firefox browser :

    “This IP address cannot be used for browsing.

    This hosting account is either Expired or you are browsing to an IP that is not enabled for browsing. To quickly resolve this problem, please contact our hosting support team. (Note, you must be a webhosting customer of Webhost4life.com in order to contact technical support.)”

  46. lenita says:

    Finally, i found this ping service list. Thank you. I’m newbie blogging with wordpress blog. And i’ve looking for list of ping service like your article. And this ping service list is very helpfull for me.

    Once again Thank you
    Regard From lenitha

  47. deepti makati says:

    thanks for sharing…it is very useful list..:)

  48. jaime says:

    You can also try my free online tool “Blog Pinger” at http://techhub.qsh.in

  49. Gary says:

    Found your site on google when i searching “blog service pinging”. Awesome. When i see this list, i was surprise because this is the complete big list. This list is totally what i need.
    Keep up the great work, you are providing a great resource on the Internet here!”
    especially about ping service. I will heck this list one by one now. Thanks for you.

  50. John Keith says:

    Another ping Service EZE Pinger Quite Decent…

  51. Wilma says:

    Im really new to bloggingand trying to wrap my head around it. Everytime i use pingoat and pingomatic it tells me too slow down cowboy or “Oopsie!
    You cant ping the ‘same blog’ so often. Give pingoat some rest!” (pingoat said this the first time i used it)

    I use blogspot as my host.

    If anyone can give me advice Id really appreciate it.

  52. QuickOnlineTips says:

    Wilma – Ping only once. If you click it too often, you get that message.

  53. Rio says:

    I found a good free ping sevice. pingler.com. I try it and the result is not far away with pingomatic or pingoat.


  54. ray says:

    yeah i will try that things
    Thanks for the Info

  55. Anthony M says:

    I am currently using an automated pinging service through BlogBuzzer.com and it ping my blogs on a weekly basis.

  56. asad says:

    check new technology

  57. Eli the Computer Guy says:

    I have found that pingoat does not seem to work at all. I now primarily use AutoPinger. It seems to work great, and it least it pretends like it’s doing something

  58. xminiature says:

    I`ve used this list in wordpress. Thanks a lot.

  59. repairmanualsonline says:

    Does anyone know of measurable results from this “pinging”? I mean, does it help people searching for the sites?

  60. Andy says:

    Just an update:

    “Pingoat”, “Blogflux Pinger”, “BlogBlip”, and “Ping The Empire” no longer work.

  61. Kavita says:

    Thanks for the great ping list

  62. Steffen says:

    Pingler.com is good 89 blogging services

  63. Zoey says:

    Feed Shark is still the best. I love it!

  64. Krishoo says:

    Great Ping site list. Thank you..

  65. Sammy Smith says:

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  66. Dorina says:

    I need it this list. I like your post. Thanks a lot.

  67. Charan says:

    My choice is pingoat

    thank you for giving great list

  68. ataur says:

    i have a good html design blog but not rich

  69. Mahendra says:

    My site traffic sudden doping, After Ping its again increasing, Please tell me there is any tool for ping permanently a site ?

  70. Fawad Naveed says:

    I used to ping my blog only through pingomatric but it is good to see that there are many other sites too…!!

  71. Arjun mahishi says:

    Hi chandra,
    I have actually worked up a python script that automatically triggers ping-o-matic ping tool every 30 min. I thought it would be relevant to share this here. It is a simple python script which is running on a cloud platform called heroku. So every 30min it pings all the search engines listed on ping-o-matic. In case you are interested to know more, go to http://teckguide.blogspot.com/2016/03/ping-o-matic-python.html

  72. CAKARAN says:

    I always to ping my blog only through pingomatric but it is good to see that there are many other sites too

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