10 Best WordPress Plugins for Google Adsense

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Which are the best WordPress Plugins for inserting Google Adsense?  Wordpress allows bloggers to easily integrate Google Adsense inside wordpress using plugins. Google Adsense has become the most popular online contextual advertising program and proper custom integration with WordPress can help to increase Adsense earnings.

Google Adsense WordPress Plugins

Listed below are 10 best Adsense plugins which help you work smarter with wordpress.

  • Adsense Deluxe – offers advanced options for managing the automatic insertion of Google AdSense or Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN) ads to your WordPress posts. Easily switch all AdSense ads to a new color scheme across the entire site.
  • Adsense Injection – inserts Adsense code randomly into a pre-existing blog. Takes a random paragraph (or br tag) break in your article and inserts adsense code. It does one per story on multi-post pages (home, archive, category) and let’s you pick how many to show on single post pages.
  • Adsense Beautifier – makes your Adsense look beautiful by placing images beside them to increase your clicks (CTR) and subsequent Adsense earnings. (May not be compliant with Adsense TOS now)
  • AdRotator WordPress Plugin – rotates your adsense ads with other affiliate programs like Chitika Eminimalls wherever you want. Helps to reduce ad blindness and test different ad formats and affiliate programs.
  • Adsense Earnings WordPress Plugin – displays your adsense earning details within wordpress admin panel.
  • AdSense Manager – is a WordPress plugin for managing AdSense ads on your blog. It generates code automatically and allows positioning with Widgets.
  • AdSense Sharing Revenue and Earnings System – allows you to view your adsense earnings and share your adsense impressions with your friends and co-authors.
  • Google Ad Wrap – wraps posts and comments inside Section Targeting tags for better targeted ads.

Support and upgrades are provided by the respective authors of these wordpress plugins. If you know of more Adsense wordpress plugins you like, let me know in comments and I can add them to the list.


157 comments on “10 Best WordPress Plugins for Google Adsense

  1. greenpeace says:

    I have some question.I’m using Vox as my blog and I’m not sure how to put in AdSense into my blog. Can you help me? Thanks!

    • Kanu says:

      you should to insert adsense plug in your blog which are available easily through blog space provider.

    • debit card says:

      Simply add the code to a side bar or post body using the html tags provided by google.

  2. Rob says:

    I used to have AdSense in a variety of places on my blog, but in the end I decided to remove all of them.

    Why? Because no one ever clicks them. I can’t see AdSense generating the average blogger any money. In fact, I’d say it’s more likely to turn people away from their sites.



    • Jose Pino says:

      Perhaps you are using the wrong location for your ads. You need to experiment.

    • Full Zip Hoody says:

      or maybe adsense just didn’t had the type of ads to display back than. who knows. testing is the best way!

  3. Kenneth says:

    I like the flexibility that wordpress offers, I right now run two primary blogs on it. I do not like the slowness that I have observed with the dynamic nature of PHP… I am running wp-cache and it is not helping much.

    I am going to pull some of the javascript includes from my frontpage to see if that helps.

    Some people have even told me they thougth the site was down.

  4. Chris P. says:

    If you need help working with the AdSense Deluxe Plugin for WordPress (which I highly recommend), be sure to check out the Tubetorial video!

  5. Gregory says:

    greenpeace – I’d imagine you can’t, as that is usually against the terms of service for blog providers like SixApart (who own Vox, LiveJournal, etc).

    Sorry ;)

  6. Balakumar Muthu says:

    Wonderful list thanks for sharing!!

  7. Kman says:

    Great list. I’m just about to launch a WordPress site and I was thinking of adding Adsense to it. I’ll certainly try out a number of the plugins on your list.


  8. Fousseni Diarra says:

    I find that Adsense Deluxe wondefull, Very easy to usy and helpfull!

  9. Alfredo says:

    Ill try the adsense beautifier.

  10. gio says:

    I was just searching google for “top 10 best wordpress plugin” and stumbled upon this site. I must say its a great article you posted. thanks for sharing. One of personal favorite plugin is Adsense Deluxe.

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