More Netscape Navigators : Beyond Paid Bookmarking

More top social bookmarkers have left top social bookmarking services like Digg and Reddit to increase the popularity of Netscape and earn some extra money doing what they enjoy. Calacanis reports that they have hired more Netscape Navigators to work at Netscape and they pay $12000 per year not just to submit stories, but lots of other work in their job profile –

* a) submit great stories
* b) close down duplicate stories
* c) train users on how to participate in a social news site
* d) let folks know when they break the rules on a social news site (i.e. posting spam, a press release, a dupe)
* e) shut down spammers
* f) shut down voting rings
* g) post intelligent comments and keep discussions on topic

Calacanis had earlier made quite a buzz by offering $1000 per month to top users of popular social bookmarking sites like, Digg, reddit etc., and they managed to get their first 10 Netscape Navigators. Its easy to find top Digg users or top reddit users and offer them good deals. I believe many such top users will be tempted to opt for Netscape and still enjoy doing what they like and get paid for it.

With a total team of 23 Netscape Navigators providing the cool social news experience, they are still hiring!

“If you’re a top contributor to a social bookmarking or news site, a top blogger, or a top member of Netscape itself and you’re interested in joining our team of freelance cool-hunters, then please email ryan at new netscape dot com with your details.”

It pays to be an active Digg user… interested?

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