Reuters to Offer Syndicated Blog Content from BlogBurst

Reuters, one of the world’s largest providers of syndicated news, has tied up with Pluck’s BlogBurst, the world’s largest blog syndication network blog to help syndicate third-party blog content as part of Reuters news and information service. This will provide much needed international exposure to good blogs via Reuters media partners worldwide.

Blogburst is reporting that on Reuters alone they are recording roughly one million headline impressions a day and post views of blog posts have more than doubled since Reuters started syndicating.

Recently they launched the BlogBurst Rewards Program that provides financial compensation to the long list of participating bloggers. Using a leaderboard concept, they will pay the top 100 blogs in the BlogBurst network based on the number of total headline impressions each blog received across all the publisher web sites during the performance period.

Blogburst is gaining popularity
in a big way and is helpful for good bloggers to showcase their blogs to an international audience. With Reuters joining Blogburst, it will take Blogburst well ahead of the competition and will encourage more bloggers to join.

Why am I not on Blogburst? they require full text syndication feed in RSS or Atom which I cannot provide at present.

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