Flickr Guest Pass: Share Private Photos, No SignUp Hassles

If you wished to share your private Flickr photos with friends and family, they required to sign up for a Flickr account, which was very cumbersome. Well they just made sharing photos easier with a Flickr Guest Pass.

The Flickr blog announced the guest pass launch, which was a much requested feature

“You can go to any of your sets and click “Share this set” to create a guest pass. Enter up to 50 email address and choose whether you want the recipients to also have access to other friends and family photos in your photostream and boom: it’s sharetastic. Guest passes work with secret links so you can send the link yourself or have us send it for you. When you want to reign things in a bit, you can expire the guest pass at any time.”

Now share your private Flickr photos easily. Flickr is a very popular online photo management and sharing application and this should make the Flickr community happy. There are more Flickr tools to power up your Flickr experience.