Download Free Registered Software Daily for 24 Hours Only

Giveaway of the day project is a new initiative in free software distribution wherein they offer a free licensed software every day that you’d have to buy otherwise.

Every day they nominate one software title as Giveaway title of that day. The software will be available for download for 24 hours (or more). It will be a free registered and legal version of the software with full functionality, without any limitations but bound by your accepted terms. They will also provide a review and information about other products by the software publisher.

They pay the software publisher for the Giveaway license, so you need to download a special verification program and agree to the Terms and Conditions, to protect the software publishers interests.

You can add a Giveaway Ticker to your site and display information about the current Giveaway of the Day, including download links, small screenshot and brief information about the program. Do that and you can become a Giveaway Partner wherein your site information and RSS news feed is added to the Partners Section on the Giveaway of the Day web pages to drive site traffic.

Download your free licensed software today. Get their newsletter or feed to stay updated about when your favorite software is available for free!


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