Like Full Feeds? Petition Against Partial Feeds

Wouldn’t we all love to read full feeds in our RSS news aggregators. It is definitely a convenience to read all your favourite feeds in one place and never clickthorugh to the site. I am not starting a discussion again on full feeds vs. partial feeds as it has been already discussed in several forums before.

Why don’t I run full feeds?

Well I have tried running full feeds several times, but have always switched back to partial feeds. You would be surprised how easy it is to republish your entire feed content as a blog. In fact there are several free tools easily available online for this purpose. Recently I read a large part of my blog on another site and I wonder what search engines think about the duplicated content…

Popular A-list bloggers and corporate bloggers have the legal access, authority and support to deal with such people who use your content without permission. I was fed up emailing and reporting unknown strangers who were intentionally using my content. Of course there are some ways to report spam blogger blogs.

In case you are wondering why I added the [Read Full article] and Copyright statements to the feed recently, you would be surprised to know many people are interested in republishing even my partial feeds

I fully agree that full feeds is the best option for dedicated feed readers. Partial feeds definitely annoy feed readers, and I am sure my feed numbers would increase significantly if I switched back to full feeds.

Update: Every blog has their own kind of readers. Keeping a partial or full feed is your own preference and how comfortable you are with either of them.


  1. milo317 says:

    You’re damn right, recently i found two of my posts published on another site claimed as theirs, immediately switched back to partial feed. As long as there is no way to control yor feed, no way to show complete feed, even wp plugins can show your feed in another site as a regular post, as you mentioned.

  2. Travors says:

    I’m sorry but I consider it very rich you publishing this post considering you only do partial feeds, it’s as if you’re saying everyone else should do it but not you because you’re special. Considering how drenched your blog is with ads it’s pretty obvious why you dont allow full feeds.

  3. QuickOnlineTips says:

    I speak only for my reasons for keeping partial feeds and the most important reason is unauthorised republishing of my posts (Many blogs are still doing it and new ones get added daily and I am fed up dealing with it). Partial or full feeds is a personal preference and there has been enough discussion for favoring either of them, and I agree with you that site advertising is a reason quoted by many partial feed users.

    Every blog is different. Most of my traffic and ad clicks come via search engines. My feed readers clickthrough rate to the site is very low. I really want to publish full feeds if this plagiarism issue can be stopped.

  4. Travors says:

    Well… fair enough! I can’t argue with that, plagiarism must be pretty fustrating.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Came to this page very late. But then you should be happy that I have come after almost 4 years :)

    I found partial feeds quite annoying…but never thought seriously about the issues of full feeds…so the plagiarism part was news to me…As you said, it is a personal choice whether you are thinking about advertisements or copyright

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