The Influence of Twitter on SEO

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Before the advent of Twitter, the SEO industry was a very different place to live and work in. The entire atmosphere was completely different and people went about their SEO tasks in a fashion somewhat removed than what you would normally see taking place in this day and age. The Age of Twitter.

Back in the days before the Twitter machine came along, a large part of SEO was focused on the obtaining of links pointing at whatever site it was that you were working your own particular brand of “SEO magic” on. This would – naturally – lead on to bigger and better things for the website in question, as was the tradition when performing a decent SEO job on a site.

However, as mentioned earlier, these days your typical SEO company has its work cut out for it, as what would have previously been set about in a fashion somewhat akin to a viral marketing campaign, in that more and more links would come about as more and more people caught on to the website or whatever it was that was being promoted and now with Twitter, the whole situation has changed.

What this means is that due to Twitter, people are linking a lot less, making it harder to promote a site via links, as per the traditional methods. People are linking less because they are Tweeting more; it’s as simple as that. In the eyes of the “people”, or at the very least the people who previously would have been linking to your site are now Tweeting about your site, as opposed to directly linking to it.

The difference here is that when something is Tweeted and “linked” in that manner, it doesn’t count towards the SEO effect on a website, as it would have done if it were a more standard direct link. So what we’re left with here is that Twitter is posing a very immediate and very real threat to SEO as we know it. SEO will either have to evolve, or it will die. Thanks, Twitter.

Guest author Christopher Angus is a successful internet marketer and SEO, having been rated the 26th most influential marketer in the world in 2009 and runs his company Warlock Media. You can also submit guest posts and express your views about Twitter.

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3 comments on “The Influence of Twitter on SEO

  1. sudharsan @ technoskillonline says:

    what u are saying is correct..
    twitter is emerging as a new era in internet industry

  2. Rahman Mehraby says:

    I can see lots of businesses can seriously go forward without Twitter. I don’t think Twitter is anything that could replace SEO while SEO has become the standard of web designing and content creation.

    Any comparison for the sake of preferring one to another is misleading. Many people are just wondering about on Twitter or long for adding to their followers’ numbers while SEO is serious business. Nobody does SEO to date or have fun or tell others what he’s doing right now!

  3. rohn -seo experts says:

    I do not like twitter.I am not getting enough visitors even I do have around 1300 followers

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