10 Reasons Why Your Blog is Not Doing Well

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Guest post by Naveen Kulkarni. You had lot of enthusiasm when you started your blog and it has been quite sometime now. However you find that your blog is not getting much traffic and you are clueless why your hard work is not getting noticed. You are disheartened and disappointed. In short, your blog is not doing well.

Dear newbie, what is happening to you is normal. Now give a break to your disappointment. Take a look at below checklist whether you are committing below 10 mistakes? If yes then reverse them and see the results yourselves.

1) Your writing is good but not interesting

You have added considerable amount of content to your blog but if it is not told in interesting manner, it won’t hold the visitors. Remember, it’s important to attract the traffic. But what is more important is to retain the readers. Your writing should convert casual visitors into loyal readers.

Brush up your writing style. Brainstorm and find irresistible headlines. Add images. Use bullets points where required. Make your writing interesting. I hope you got my point.

2) You are spending lot of time in Design and Dressing up your blog

My dear, it’s important that your blog should look good and slick. But blogs are meant to be read not seen. Even search engines will not see your blog. They read your blog as if it is a plain text. Now you decide where you should be spending your online time. Chose a design and add basic widgets and stick to it. Focus on writing, just writing.

3) You think that your post is not unique

You found a great tip from your friend who uses some software utility and recommends to you. It’s really useful and inspires you to create a blog post on it. You create the blog post nicely and before hitting the publish button, you do this mistake.

You Search in Google about this utility to find out whether already somebody has written about it. To your horror, you find that there are thousands of blog entries already about this tool. You drop your blog post thinking that why should you write about this since there are already so many entries in web. Please don’t do this mistake .

I suggest you to continue writing about this. You need to write your own opinion and usefulness about this product in your own manner. Express your views on this. Don’t think that you are duplicating the content. You are not. Now, if it starts happening for your each and every post that you find thousands of blog entries already for your every new blog post, then I would like to ask you a question. Have you chosen your blog niche correctly?

4) Your blog doesn’t have subscription links and social sharing buttons

An easy to miss feature. Do offer subscription by Email and RSS. Create a page named Subscribe and keep these links well placed. Also don’t forget to add social sharing buttons for each of your posts. People like to share the good stuff.

That’s the reason web has been a tremendous success. Don’t under-estimate the power of sharing. A good place to start with social buttons is ShareThis. Just create an account and copy paste the code in your blog template.

5) You are not setting target dates for your blog’s growth

Agreed.  Blogging is fun and there is no one to ask you if you don’t write for a week or even a month. There is no pressure of work. Having said this, let’s go back to your original idea where in you’re dreamed of making your blog a great online venture. You wanted make your mark in blogosphere. Set targets for yourself for blogging activities.

Put a small notice board in your home and set realistic and achievable targets. Let us say 2 posts every week and 5 comments every day and 1 guest post every week and make sure that your meet the target. This will bring you wonderful results. Consistency is key.

6) You are not writing guest posts for other blogs

There you go. In a while, write on other high traffic blogs. It can do wonders to your own blog. People will notice you and will check your blog. I guest blog on couple of websites including QuickOnlineTips. They produce amazing results. If you possess caliber of writing for a website called AListApart then there is nothing like that. It can make you a star.

7) You think commenting on other blogs is waste of time

Never even think something like this. Commenting on other blogs is free, effective way of getting quality back links. But again its quality comments that fetch quality traffic. Even top bloggers never forget to comment on other blogs.

8) You are not active on social forums

Face book, twitter and others can make your killer articles go viral. Be active and promote your blog there.

9) You underestimate the power of email marketing

Email rules. There is no harm in sending your blog’s updates through emails to your friends and relatives. They may share your article via social tools.

10) You want things to work fast and get quick success

They will not. Remember, you are operating your blogging business alone. You are the one who is taking care of all departments of your blog including writing, design and promotion. Things will take time and be patient. Patience is a virtue. Soon you will see good signs of expected results in your blogging venture

Good Luck. You may want to implement point 7 right now.

This article is written by Naveen Kulkarni, a Blogger who writes about Personal Development, innovative ideas and Blogging Tips on his Blog called Winning Ideas.  

This is a guest article and represents opinions of the guest author

48 comments on “10 Reasons Why Your Blog is Not Doing Well

  1. Anna says:

    This is exactly what happened to me when I first started. It is very nice of you to share this simple but hard to learn tips with everyone. I would have really liked to have know about it when I first started. Great article and tips.

    • Naveen Kulkarni says:

      Thanks for reading.
      Wishing you good luck :-)

      • G says:

        You have an interesting name. What does it mean?

        Thanks for sharing the tips.


        • Naveen Kulkarni @ Winning Ideas says:

          Well, Winning Ideas is blog about ideas that inspire winning. Ideas could be about personal growth,innovation or blogging tips.

          I chose this name because I liked the word idea since an idea can make difference to our lives.

    • Morgan Farrell says:

      This really helps. It’s always the simple things that help the most.

  2. James says:

    Good post, however..sorry to say, the #6 is really crap..i don’t think writing guest posts on other blogs directly impact your blog performance. You can’t judge a blog is doing well or not just because the owner writing guest posts or not. Instead, it’s solely depend on how you take care of your blog..

    I don’t think famous blogs especially tech blogs doing the guest posts thing. Instead, they rely on search engines means they really pay attention on the SEO. One of my tech blogs gets 50% of the traffic from search engines and i don’t do any guest posts..

  3. eva says:

    Thanks. I haven’t started my blog yet, just thinking about it, and I’ll take these tips on account.

  4. Dr Johnson says:

    11) Learn basic grammar

    When a blogger writes things like “If you possess caliber of writing…”, “Please don’t do this mistake” and “I suggest you to continue writing about this”, you lose all credibility as an authority.

  5. Pushkar says:

    These were some of the mistakes I used to do!

  6. Aurangzaib Qumbrani says:

    Thanks for the tips! :)

    I just started off in July, I’m blogging daily but time management has been a problem for me!

    • Naveen Kulkarni says:

      Hi Aurangzaib,
      Congrats for starting your blog. It is also nice that you are actively blogging. However, if you are a part time blogger, you can consider writing 2-3 posts every week rather than blogging daily, so that you will also have time for other activities.

  7. igor Griffiths says:

    Great list and one that is concerning me at the moment, I really need to sit down a put a timetable for progress on the blog because without that I cannot see what direction I need to take my focus.

    One great tip I got from the Warrior forum was the phrase “This is useful because…” if you apply that to everything you do then the interest level will be self generated and you can remain on track.

    • Naveen Kulkarni says:

      Just put a notice board near your desk and create a cross tab section with month and visitor data. Also set up weekly targets and write on the board. This will give you the momentum and inspiration to blog. At the same time don’t compromise on quality. Write only if you have compelling articles.

      Good Luck.

  8. Vibin says:

    The 2nd one matters for me!..

  9. xavier - bancos de imagenes says:

    My comment of your blogg is completly positive. It could be like a beginners course. You explain in 10 points the basic rules that a blogger must follow to be succesful. Now I have to go and put all your advice into practise. Thank you!

  10. seo online says:

    very good information,thx very much for sharing with us!

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