How to Show Google +1 Votes on Your Google Profile

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How can you display your Google +1 votes which clicked across the web on your Google Profile. By default your Google profile will not show your +1 votes till you enable it.

Google +1 on Google Profile

google +1Go to your Google profile at Create or edit your Google profile is you have not done already as many people will be visiting soon.  If you are already logged into a Google account (as in gmail, youtube etc. ), you will automatically redirected to your profile page with that link.  Click the “Edit Profile” button.

Add Google +1 to Profile

The click “Finish Editing” and visit your +1 page which would be typically like this and all your +1 votes will be collected there. You can +1 all your own site links and create a list of featured posts for your site.  I am sure they will get the +1 votes for websites up at Google Webmaster central soon.

2 comments on “How to Show Google +1 Votes on Your Google Profile

  1. Tech Crates says:

    Awesome tute… Will enable +1 on my google profile now ! Thanks for the share

    • Trung @ Blogging 24 Hours says:

      Well, I did it for my blog, the button look cool, thanks for the tips.

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