How to Activate Facebook Timeline Now

By 15-12-2011   FacebookSocial MediaTutorials

Facebook Timeline is now available worldwide and you can activate Facebook Timeline for your Facebook profile right now. Timeline is a long awaited feature of Facebook page design which aims to completely revamp the way Facebook navigation works right now.

Activate Facebook Timeline

To Get Facebook Timeline right now, follow the steps –

1. Go to  Introducing Timeline page and click “Get Timeline” at bottom of the page. (If you prefer to wait, a profile alert will appear as the feature rolls out on your profile).

get facebook timeline

Note: If you click that link once, it might not reappear again. So click the link when you are ready to get Facebook Timeline. if you dont see the link on that page, there is another similar link on the Timeline Apps page.

2. Then you are taken to your preview Timeline page.

facebook timeline

3.  At the top right are options appear to Take a Tour or Publish your Timeline.

timeline tour

4. Clicking on Public will make your Timeline live right now. Its a good idea to take a Timeline Tour.

facebook timeline tours

7  Day Timeline Preview

Here are a few facts before you decide to publish your timeline and make it public and live on the internet to your friends.

  • When you upgrade to timeline, you have only 7 days to review it
  • Only you can see your timeline during your 7-day preview.
  • You can publish your timeline anytime during those 7 days.
  • If you don’t publish timeline in 7 days, it will go live automatically after seven days.
  • Your new timeline will replace your profile, but all your stories and photos will still be there.

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30 comments on “How to Activate Facebook Timeline Now

  1. Himanshu says:

    Finally facebook has release their new profile timeline to the public ….but before the releasing of facebook iam also using timeline through apps

  2. talkingfinger says:

    If you need a complete, step by step walkthrough to learn how to use it, we created a video series:

  3. Irfan says:

    Faebook would have release it’s Timeline before. I’m enjoying the upgrade it’s amazing!

  4. kapil says:

    hey i had done it in some different way…

  5. John says: have good covers

  6. michael says:

    i have it

  7. easytechtips says:

    Really useful for facebook user.

  8. want says:

    i want to have Timeline Now

  9. teddy nicoll says:

    Can I have a Face book time line please…

  10. cgyfty says:

    The loading is toooooooo slow..!

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