How to Add Google Cloud Print Button to Websites

Adding a Google Cloud Print button to your webpages will allow users to easily print articles from your website. The Google Cloud Print element on your website is a useful tool to let visitors print your content out quickly and easily to any printer from any browser on any device – including mobile browsers!

Google Cloud Print button

Simply add the following code to your article pages on your website and allow users to easily print any page. Get the code for the Google Cloud Print element and its a simple cut and paste required. This code will put up a print button where you place the code. Clicking on the print button requires users to connect their printer to Google Cloud Print.

google cloud printer connect

When users register their email for Google Cloud Print, it registers the available printers (including non cloud enabled printers too) and you can then start using this print facility. This is the popup you get when you click the print button after connecting.

Google Cloud Print printers

See this video to learn more about Google Cloud Print.

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