Best Way to Increase Wifi Range at Home

How can you boost wifi signal to increase wifi coverage in your home? The traditional answer would be to get a more powerful router which will have more range and higher wifi network coverage. But your home might have walls arrangements in such ways that there are dead zones which have poor or no wifi coverage.


I like to blog from different rooms, but encounter several spots where internet coverage is very poor. Even my mobile smartphone needs to keep switching between wifi and 3G inside my house, adding to higher mobile bills due to extra data usage.

I upgraded to a  16 Mbps internet Airtel connection,  got a better modem-router  (Belkin N300), tried various placements of the router and other ways to boost wifi signals, but the poor wifi zones persisted in some areas of my house.

And then I found the best way to increase my wifi network coverage  - buy a wifi range extender!

Wifi Range Extender

netgear wifi extender box

My new wifi range extender (Netgear WN3000RP) has ensured I can now get wifi coverage in every part of the house and even outside the house patio. What is does is it simply sources the wifi from the current wifi router and spreads it across its own coverage area, leading to almost doubling the coverage area.

Setup – Setting up networking devices always seems a hassle. But this one requires no CD/manual cable connection to set up. Just plug it into the socket (saves desk space), turn it on and it will catch the current wifi networks.

netgear wifi extenders

I then connected to this new network _EXT and it opens a Netgear site to configure the wifi extender. In a few clicks all done, without any CD, cables or messing with the original modem-router. Now next time you let your devices prefer this new wifi network instead of your original network when inside this coverage area.

Wifi speed – Note the speed is lesser than your original router. I get about 6-7 Mbps from the wifi extender while my original router gives 12 MBps.

Price - I bought it for about INR 3000 and was worth every single rupee. There are faster more expensive models also available, but this seems to be a good balance between price and coverage. There are many more brands to choose from and probably they would all work well for this purpose.

Publishing this post from outside my house through a wifi extender!

50 thoughts on “Best Way to Increase Wifi Range at Home”

  1. 16MBps – Airtel connection. WOW! you sure are lucky … If only I could move up the MTNL connection’s terrible speeds. And the limited wifi range only add more grief to my life.

    I am sure if I added an extender on this speed I probably wont get anything for data transfer to happen.

    Upgrading to a TP-Link Modem this week, let’s see how much does that help. My current D-Link barely gave any coverage.

    1. Airtel offers many more faster broadband internet plans than MTNL. We pay for 16Mbps, but get a speed of 12Mbps as you need a fibre network to get those speeds upto 100Mbps and is available in only select areas they say.

      Wifi extender is basically useful if you want to extend the range of wifi. It will work with any router to simply expand the coverage. I changed the Beetel 150 slow modems that came by default and used the Belkin N300 models for more coverage. You can choose N300 or higher N600 models for more speed and range. Choose a good brand like Netgear, D-link, Belkin etc.

  2. hey this is Great Article Up there. Thanks for Sharing the article. i m Looking for Wifi Router, i satisfied with your article, gonna buy it online soon. :)

    1. I bought this wifi extender on Flipkart. Check if you need Wifi router or modem-router. If you want to directly attach to the telephone line, you need a modem router.

  3. Wonderful +Chandra – I often face this problem, some times I need to go and sit near the window to get signal from different room, now I don’t need to do that – this Range extender helps me a lot. I was actually looking for apps in Android to increase the WiFi range, but this seems to be the best solution. Will grab one immediately from Flipkart.

  4. I don’t use a WiFi extender but have a WiFi repeater that connects to my laptop and it works like charm. WiFi Range extender can also be a good choice for those that have multiple devices that access internet through same access point.

  5. You should make a disclaimer about Latency. This works great for browsing the internet and heavily cached video, but for applications such as gaming (consoles, etc), it can sometimes add up to 100ms of latency depending on the quality and distance of the signal.

  6. Changed to a new design again? The top bar appears off on my ipad, i wont be surprised it is the same for all ios devices.

  7. Nice information, There is obviously a lot. Your points are very valuable and knowledgeable. Thanks for sharing this great blog with us.

  8. Amazing information and thank you very much for sharing it with your readers, All the points that you mentioned and whole well written article are very full with value. Thanks for sharing them with your readers.

  9. Wifi extender is basically useful if you want to extend the range of wifi. It will work with any router to simply expand the coverage. I changed the Beetel 150 slow modems that came by default and used the Belkin N300 models for more coverage. Thanks

  10. The technology like wifi has made the today’s life soooo easy. You can share every thing with anyone very easily. Overall thank you for sharing such an informative post. i like these type of posts very much. :)

  11. Now this is awesome, i usually encounter low or poor wifi signal when i leave my room and i always find it hard using my tablet on wifi when am out of range. This tutorial will definitely help me improve my wifi range at home so i can enjoy using my tablet or mobile phone even when am out of my room.

    With Wifi Range Extender i can now enjoy wireless network at a further distance than the normal range and the best part is that it is also fast with good signal. I will review this product to see if i can acquire it. Thanks for sharing on

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