How to View Word Counts of All WordPress Posts

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How can you find the word count of all WordPress posts in a easy interface? Word Counts are important indication of article length and are useful if you are looking for thin content on your Google penalty affected site.

WordPress displays the WordPress count beneath the post edit screen, but when you want to find the low word count posts to improve them, there has to be a better way than sifting through each article.

Find Word Counts

Then I found the Post Admin Word Count plugin which simply adds a  new column with word counts in front of each post in the WordPress admin.

So if I go to my WordPress Admin posts screen, I can easily see the word counts of my posts.

Word Counts

The actual power of the plugin starts when you can sort the posts by decreasing word counts. This lets us find the posts with the least word counts.

Low word counts

Why Find Low Word Counts?

What benefit would you get to find low word count posts? Most probably it is some quick newsy post, video post or a highlighted image with low text content. As we are all aware, that it is a good idea to have at least a few hundred  words post for search engines to output your link in search results.

What is the magic number for words which will help your article rank higher? There is no magic number and it is more about conveying great original content in optimal number of words.

Most experts believe that long form copy is better to get good rankings, but it does not mean you create rubbish content of 2000 words and it will rank higher. Some advise that less than 200 words might be classified as thin content, and too long content might not work either.

Thin content is an easy way to invite Google Panda penalties to your site. If your site is affected by Panda penalty, a content audit might involve finding poor word count posts and improving them, and this plugin comes handy.

Poor Word Count = Thin Content?

So what is labelled as thin content by Google – it is much more than just word content as explained in this video.


18 comments on “How to View Word Counts of All WordPress Posts

  1. Marian says:

    I generally stick to around 800 words per post and so far this has worked well in regard to my rankings. The Post Admin Word Count plugin will definitely be a useful tool to highlight any low count posts I may have . Thank you for the tip.

  2. Ghulam Mustafa says:

    Hello Dear,

    Thanks for sharing these suggestions. Personally, I love this awesome post. It will help me a lot in to improve my skills. I like it much. Really superb post.

    It actually really helps me in gaining high serp!

    Thanks always!

  3. Tisha says:

    I have a coupon site,as you knew about coupon site,it seems not so much words each of post.So how can i do?

  4. Marina Alves Santos says:

    Thanks Dear for sharing this update with us. I improved my skills. I will use these suggestions in the future. Excellent blog.

  5. John ConorX says:

    Thanks for the great share! Word counts plays on important role in capturing your reader’s attention. It is great to have your qualit content to be from 500-700 words. However, it always comes down to on what you’re trying to tell your valuable readers! Different niche has different approach. So all we need to do is just play by trial and error and decide the word counts needed for a specific niche.

  6. PTC Sites says:

    Thank you for sharing this post, very useful information. I am using WordPress for quite some time now, but I didn’t know so many things you have mentioned. Really very useful post. Keep sharing …!!

  7. Safeer says:

    Thanks for sharing, such a great post about word count plugin, i also use this plugin on my blog

  8. Corey M says:

    Nice post, very useful to me as i am currently working on a WordPress site. Useful plugin to have as i have now downloaded it thanks to you.

  9. Steven Spector says:

    One more excellent resource to add to our currently in development website – and well described. Thank you for posting.

  10. Belinda Summers says:

    Great plugin. Thanks for the share here. I’ll be using it now.

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