High Paying Keywords on Adsense to Make More Money Online

Use high paying keywords to make more money online with Google Adsense. Adsense is definitely a high paying money making advertisement program on the web. But the money that you make depends on the money advertisers will pay for that keyword, and the commission which Google makes out of it.

There is no confirmed public list for these keywords.
7Search.com has a list of Top Paying Searches. Some words like mesothelioma, asbestos cancer etc. are known favourites of webmasters, which are rumoured to have 50 dollars per click! KeywordSense offers another list of high paying keywords, though the prices are not mentioned. Several high paying keyword lists are in circulation, but none have confirmed pricing – because the price varies with time and region and you are not allowed to disclose the exact price per click recieved as per terms of Adsense.

Some even claim to create pages and even sites stuffed with such high paying keywords, just to for the money to be made. But remember that such efforts may be against the Adsense program policies, terms of service, or webmaster guidelines and get you removed off the high paying program. So dont run around creating sites around high paying keywords, instead create good content which will automatically have all relevant keywords.

The dynamics of the advertising game: If the keyword topic is rare and few competing advertisers have fewer sites to show them, lower will be the keyword price to show your ad first. As more people make webpages and the competition goes up, the cost of the keyword goes up. That is the simple basics of advertising. So keywords which are lower paying today, may pay higher over time. Advertisers will pay more if they can get back much more money from surfers who enter their site after paid clicks.

Another important factor is how much does google keep and how much does it pay you of the money it makes. Google does not publicly acknowledge how much percentage or specific amount it will pay via the Adsense program. So although a keyword may be high priced for the advertiser, the Adsense user maybe getting much less. But it seems they pay a fair share for your efforts, infact much better than most advertising programs. Also remember that prices vary per region.

Bid Tool is a quick way to determine how much advertisers are willing to pay for your selected keywords. But the keyword prices of both these tools vary. Incase you want to find keywords for your sites, you may find the Keyword Selector useful. Google Suggest also offers excellent suggestions for what keywords people are searching.

Have you found your way to make money by high priced keywords yet!

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