Decoding the Domain Name

Do you know how to create domain name all website URL like has become the most popular social bookmarks manager in recent times. Many surfers are drawn to curiosity by the peculiar domain name It was an ingenious way to register a domain name. I mean it is much better than getting or etc. A domain search reveals there are many such names and many more subject to domain name availability.

Solving the mystery of delicious

First you figure out that icio was the selected domain name and .us was the registered country code level top level domain (ccTLD) which combined to form If you try the url it does not connect. Sometimes registrars have a setup such that sites dont work on the world wide web without attaching the www. So you try to connect to – it also does not connect. So it seems no site is actually hosted at

Then maybe the domain name does not have an index page so maybe that is why the root url doesnt connect. Index pages are available in styles of index.htm or index.html – both of which point to the main page of a site. So I tried and then again – but both dont work.

Then you try to look up the whois to find if the domain was actually registered at all. And Whois for revealed that indeed was registered to Joshua Schachter- our friendly webmaster running the very useful

Now to solve the confusion of the del part. del is actually a subdomain of A subdomain is a domain that is part of a larger domain name. So the main site is hosted on the del server of the domain name  And so rests the decoding of!

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