Google Adsense in RSS Feeds: Advertising in News Aggregators

Google Adsense is testing advertising options in RSS Feeds and LonghornBlogs is the only site running this Adsense test. Have you already noticed that they have Google AdSense in their RSS feeds. That will probably change in the next few days as their other alpha testers bring their systems online.

It is a pilot program for a new AdSense product that Google is looking into. Like all of their tests, it may disappear for a while, or be discontinued altogether. If Google decides to launch this product, you can expect to see a wider public beta in the next few weeks.

Just subscribe to their feed by Bloglines or other news aggregator to see Adsense ads in their RSS feed. I use bloglines and the ad was there in their feed when I subscribed it, although it looked different – a mix of banner + text.

Since the project is under test phase, not much information is available and it seems much is not allowed to be made available. But RSS Advertising will be an interesting option for Adsense users and will help to earn more money for bloggers whose posts are read by new aggregators while the Google Adsense ads show on the blog.

Blog readers do not visit the blog with the ads and read posts in these readers, so reducing blogger earnings. That is one of the reasons blog publishers keep shorter feeds rather than show the full post, so that readers may come to the blog to see the post and click a few ads while reading. If RSS allows to show Adsense ads in such news readers, it will not only help publishers by getting more money, but also help readers as bloggers will publish feeds with full posts. It is a step in the right direction…

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