Analyzing My Feed Traffic by Feedburner

Now Feedburner is displaying an excellent breakup of the feed circulation statistics based in feed readers and aggregators. Here is the analysis of my feed traffic.

I use the feedburner feed as my default feed as it works on all feed platforms for me. I humbly acknowledge that my feed traffic is not so much to offer trends or guidelines, but just for a rough analysis here goes.

For blogs, feed traffic is an important component of your traffic. This traffic is interested in your posts and subscribes to it by their favorite feed readers. They read new posts and keep comming back. And you develop a steady stream of traffic …

Feedburner defines Feed Circulation as an approximate measure of the number of individuals for whom your feed has been requested in the last 24 hours.

Here are my Feedburner circulation stats
Bloglines – 35.2%
Firefox Live Bookmarks – 18.2%
My Yahoo – 16.6%
NewsGator – 6.8%
FeedDemon – 3.7%
NetNewsWire – 2.5%
Others = 17% (Including Safari RSS, FeedReader, Sage, Thunderbird etc.)

Bloglines comes out as the most popular means to subscribe to my feed closely followed by My yahoo. Live Bookmarks in Firefox are autodetected by the web browser.

So, I need to ensure that there are links for users to easily subscribe to Bloglines and Yahoo, which contribute about 50%. Switching users to Firefox, gets me another 18%. About 70% of my feed traffic is circulated by these three.

I have links and image icons for easy one click subscription of feeds. But links tend to be less visible than images which subscribers are familiar with seeing on various websites. Feedburner provides easy one click images for MSN, Yahoo, and Newsgator.

You can share your comments on how your feed traffic looks like.

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