Use Silkscreen Font For Very Small Type Display

To you want a font which will have crisp display at a very small font sizes? Silkscreen is a four member type family for your Web graphics created by Jason Kottke (from the popular Silkscreen, with both Mac and Windows versions, is free for personal and corporate use.

Silkscreen is a popular font and is used on quite a few Web sites. Silkscreen was designed from scratch using Adobe Photoshop 5.02 and Macromedia Fontographer 3.52 on Windows NT 4.0 by Kottke. Silkscreen is now available in two different font types, normal and the bold font to suit your needs.

silkscreen font

The main advantage of using silkscreen font is that it can fit into places where extremely small font size is needed like in thin navigation bars. Silkscreen is often used by websites where extremely small graphical display type is needed. Note that there are no lowercase letters in this font type, and all letters are in uppercase – this has been done to maintain the crisp font look in small design elements.

Update: Although this font is there on many sites, I was thinking very hard where I had seen it before by name. Of course on the Luca Zappa Antipixel Button Generator as the default font selection.

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