Issues With Free Image Hosting on Blogger

Blogger has finally implemented the facility for free image hosting. No more looking around for free web image hosting. Juck click on the “Add Image” to upload an image. You can upload images images in JPG, GIF, PNG, TIF or BMP format. The images can be resampled and resized according to the size you choose in the upload form. You can fill up to 300 MB of server space with images.

Those using FTP and Blog*Spot Plus blogs, the images are uploaded to the FTP account hosting the blog, rather than to Blogger’s image server. Images will be uploaded to an uploaded_images/ directory within the main blog directory.┬áThis is applicable to images used in posts only and makes blogging much easier. However, if you need an image for your template or profile, upload it to a post first, then grab the image url and then add it to the template or profile.

All my images are currently hosted on an excellent free image hosting service – Imageshack. After registration, you can keep track of all your hosted images. I dont know how to manage all my images in Blogger, though I think that feature will be comming soon. Anyway, it was a long awaited feature and will give tough competition to free image hosts for blogs.

Thanks Blogger! May I now request categories please.

Update: I went through all the image hosting stuff at Blogger. There are still several limitations of blogger image hosting.

  1. How do you manage all uploaded images at Blogger? What if I need to delete an image and upload another image instead.
  2. How to find out how much space I have filled of the allowed 300MB. Suddenly they might say the webspace is full.
  3. The code generated is pretty complex
    blogger code
    This code gets disturbed with my WYSIWYG editor to create a corrupted code
  4. The uploaded image is of poorer quality than the original image, even at the large image setting. So Blogger is trying to compress and upload the image.
  5. The image gets attached to the top of the html code, despite the cursor location. So if you have multiple images hosted, keep track where they went.
  6. For FTP users, There is an arrowed icon for “if you do not want to use the extra features of the image upload tool, or if you want more control over where the image is stored.” – But that icon is not present on my edit or compose screens.

So till these issues are fixed by Blogger, I am sticking to Imageshack for my free blog image hosting needs.