Pingomatic and Other 1-Click Ping Tools to Update Search Engines, RSS Trackers

Blog and Ping! Surely many of you use Pingomatic to update multiple search engines, RSS feed tracking services and blog directories about your latest blog article. There are many ping lists available and many pinging tools which can do this in one click.

Pinging lets dozens of services which specifically track and connect blogs to know you’ve updated so they can come check you out. I was using Pingomatic for several months, but maybe it has become so popular with bloggers, that it many times does not connect for me or works very slow. So what are alternatives to Pingomatic?

Ping-o-matic Alternatives

Pingomatic an ping many common services like Weblogs, Newsgator, Pubsub etc.  as well as Specialized services like Rubhub and blogshares.


So I set out to look for alternative pinging services that ping or notify a number of blogging services that keep track of weblogs and publish them. By pinging, you let the services know that your blog has been updated and hence, they crawl and index your site, publishing your blog contents, thus increasing your blog’s popularity.

Remember pinging is important if you use feedburner feed since feedburner will come crawling around after you ping it and update your feed with the latest content. And based on its content other blog tracking services will update.

Free One Click Multiple Blog Services Pingback Tools

  • Pingomatic – the most popular. Pings several popular services and specialized services. Create a bookmark for each ping url.
  • Pingoat – Pings a huge collection of 52 blogging services, including special services and non english tracking services. You can easily select all services by selecting the category.
  • King Ping – Pings multiple services – 18 in all. Easy to check and uncheck boxes. And you can also create a bookmark with your settings. It has now become a paid service.
  • Blogflux Pinger – Pings 32 services, including several specialized services and language specific services too.
  • Feedshark – Ping, submit, & promote your blog, feed, or podcast for free to multiple services.
  • Ping The Empire – Pings 18 common blog tracking services.
  • Pingates – pings 37 services including several many Japanese ones
  • Ping.In – notifies several Blog Search Engines and blog directories, much like pingoat.
  • Autopinger – will automatically ping your selected blog services. Has a XML-RPC interface too.

Do you know about WordPress Pinging Lists – which help to ping update services smartly. Please let me know of more services which I can add to this list and keep it updated. Till then Blog and ping! [This post is regularly updated.]

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