Download Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP

So you use Microsoft Windows XP as your computer operating system and want to add tweaks and other powerful microsoft tools to enhance your Windows XP functionality. Micorsoft has some secret tools to bring out a better Window XP experience.

Microsoft PowerToys

Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP are additional microsoft software programs that developers work on after a product has been released. Remember that they are not part of Windows and are not supported by Microsoft. For this reason, Microsoft Technical Support is unable to answer questions about PowerToys. PowerToys are for Windows XP only. You must uninstall your old PowerToys before installing the versions available here.

There is a huge list of some wonderful Microsoft software add ons for Windows and you can directly download whichever exe files you like from the right side list. Some interesting software are Tweak UI which gives you access to system settings that are not exposed in the Windows XP default user interface, including mouse settings, Explorer settings, taskbar settings, and more. Another one which looks interesting is the Virtual Desktop Manager that allows you to manage up to four desktops from the Windows taskbar.

Users of genuine Windows XP operating systems can take advantage of the several special offers. Want to upgrade? See how you can test Microsoft Windows Vista Beta 1 and Internet explorer 7 before it is publicly released.

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