Google Pack : Free Essential Softwares Collection

Google Pack is a free collection of essential software from Google and other companies that helps you browse the web faster, remove spyware and viruses, organize your photos, and more.

You can download and install the entire Google Pack in just a few clicks. You can add or remove the software you’d like to install, and then click Download Google Pack to proceed. If you already have some of these softwares, it will only be updated if a newer version is available. If you choose the default downloads option (without add tor remove option), only 9 of these softwares are included.

Google Pack

And what softwares can be dowloaded for free
Google Software
Google Earth – 3D Earth browser
Google Desktop – Desktop companion
Picasa – Photo organizer
Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer – Search toolbar
Google Pack Screensaver – Photo screensaver
Google Talk – Voice and IM application

Additional Software
Mozilla Firefox with Google Toolbar – Web browser
Ad-Aware SE Personal – Antispyware utility
Norton AntiVirus 2005 Special Edition – Antivirus utility
Adobe Reader 7 – PDF reader
RealPlayer – Media player
GalleryPlayer HD Images – Images
Trillian – Instant messenger

The Google Updater is the program that downloads and installs all the software in the Google Pack. You can use the Google Updater to monitor the status of your installation, run software that’s been installed, or uninstall software. A Google Updater icon will appear in your system tray and will display notifications when there are updates or new software available.

Though they say the software in the Google Pack is free, they say that some programs may offer paid versions that provide additional features or ongoing updates, but you’ll never have to install the paid versions, and your free version will continue to work as long as you have it installed. The version of Norton Antivirus in the Google Pack includes 6 months of free protection updates that enable the program to identify and remove new threats. If you’d like to continue receiving these updates after 6 months, you’ll need to purchase an update subscription from Symantec. So try to downloading the Google Pack, (Got a high speed internet connection?)

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