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My geek friend scared by the recent outbreaks of Kamasutra virus and Leap-A virus gave me a call that his Norton Antivirus subscription has expired and he can no longer update virus definitions via Live Update. And he did not want to pay for expensive antivirus subscriptions yearly.

There are several excellent paid professional antivirus software like Norton Antivirus, McAfee, but they are expensive software and require yearly subscription fees for regular antivirus updates. So I went looking for free antivirus softwares and was surprised to see the range available.

Free antivirus software

After reading several reviews by leading security web sites and forums, there seems to be a consensus that the 2 best free antivirus softwares in the market are AVG Anti-virus Free for Windows (a free anti-virus protection tool developed by Grisoft for home use) and the Avast Home Edition (a full-featured antivirus package designed exclusively for home users and non-commercial use). The limitation with Avast is that it will work for 60 days after installation in demo mode, then you need to re-register every year to obtain a free license key by email that is valid for 1 year.

Other popular security solutions are AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic (for Protection and security against viruses, worms, Trojan horses and dialers) and BitDefender Free Edition (an on-demand virus scanner, useful in a system recovery or forensics role)

Long back, PCWorld has compared these free antivirus protection software. WebHostingTalk shows that AVG Free Edition is the best (though the voter base is small).


  1. SWC says:

    PC World does seem to think differently about free anti-virus programs, but I’ve still used AVG most of my computer life. However, I’m now using the Windows OneCare.

  2. anusharaji says:

    i was one of early users of AVG n just now installed AVG in my new hd n came across this post
    AVG is my fav n never found any alerts thru stringer but worth dln

  3. Anonymous says:

    For those who are looking for freeware antivirus, I would Avast Home Edition. It has amazingly small (and almost daily) online updates, has a very good detection engine, and its resident shield is extremely effective against spurious sites and malware.

    AVG is another excellent alternative. It has a easier interface than Avast, but I think its detection rate needs a bit of improvement. I would say that it can be useful as a secondary antivirus package on a home system.

    McAfee Stinger & Avast Cleaner are useful in case of new virus/worm outbreaks.

  4. Kapil says:

    I have been using Avast for about 2 years now and I think I have been protected most of the time. But that’s also because I am a very alert user. But I think Avast also uses less of the system resources as compared to a Norton.

  5. Steve says:

    I’ve been using Avast for 2 years now, I work in the computer industry and I think its a great product. it uses a far smaller footprint than the bloatware that is Symantec and Mcafee. You hardly even notice its there running all the time, uses very little CPU, some of the big boys should look at how efficient this product has been written. We’re currently considering throwing out Symantec in favour of the Avast Enterprise Edition for servers.

  6. heikal huzaimy says:

    now i’m using the kaspersky anti virus and i found that anti virus is awesome compare to the others

  7. Rodwan says:

    I’v been using Avast anti-virus for 2 years now and think it’s quite effective and takes up very little resources, it is excellent in detecting viruses but bad at repairng them.

  8. hunter says:

    i’ve been using avast for nearly 2 years now and have had no problems with it infact i favour avast over kaspersky or any other antivirus that i have used so far and i think that symantec and mcafee have alot to learn from these guys even kaspersky in one sense as well as i have tried these for a year or more each and have only really been impressed with avast over the others

  9. ezat says:

    I think that your web site is very important for all people all over the world

  10. reshadat says:

    I would recommend avast home edition or nod32.they are good and does not slow down the system!

  11. Joshua says:

    i have been using avast also for 1 year and I think it’s the most easiest and reliable antivirus.

  12. Dr. Adiel Marakeed Adikeus says:

    I think it is a nice piece of software but still leaves something to be desired. It’s detection rate is less than 90% compared to 95%+ for Antivir. All of the fancy bells and whistles mean very little if it lags behind in its most basic function of catching all of the viruses. If Alwil could bump up the detection rate to compare to Antivir, then it would be the top pick. Otherwise, if what’s most important to you is that the *ANITVIRUS* software catches the most viruses, then go with Antivir. The only thing that really sucks about Antivir is that it force feeds you ads for the company’s product line when it does an update. You can firewall block the ad sites, but then antivir throws you an error message.

  13. Carsy says:

    i wait to see this antivirus

  14. shashi katiyar says:

    please permitted to free download to antivirus in my pc.


  15. aminpoor says:

    thank you

  16. rafi says:

    i want best free antivirus of yearly version

  17. a user says:

    Norton and Kapspesky are very slow.
    AVG detects only few viruses – and it cannot heal.
    AVG antispyware is really great.
    PC tools antivirus and avesth are good for nothing.
    C.O.M.O.D.O detected and killed the microsoftpowerpoint.exe virus at the time of its entry into my computer. But it talks too much.
    AVIRA kills many of your useful .exe programs without much prick of conscience.
    – a user

  18. annie says:

    kaspersky acts as big brother – it will not allow any other antivirus or antispyware. Avoid it.
    AVG antispyware detects and kills spies.
    C.O.M.D.O looks great – dont know how good it is.
    Superantispyware works only once.

  19. Pramod says:

    hi all,
    i used many of the antivirus programmes. But most of the antivirus programmes u will get it as free. but very few functions wont be there.u will get McAfee from from here. . u will get norton free from here. when u use a crack key for antivirus programme, the problem is that it wont get updated.

  20. Pramod says:

    another thing is that u can use windows starter kit from I think that includes all the essential security tools. much better one.

  21. visitor says:

    I am one of free AVG users. I’ve been using it for about 2 yr, but I got Trojan Horses attack 2 days ago from YouTube (my guess). AVG just shows my notebook already infected. I takes 1 full day to run system scan and wipe them out. Now, I think this tool is not good enough to use. One of my friends suggests “Zonealarm.” Any comment?

  22. Peter David Kotoko says:

    your antivirus softwares are very good and i like them. THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUU

  23. Ajiboye Ismail says:

    If you can let me download your antivirus free, i will be emiently happy

  24. Onkar says:

    I want to download one of the best free antivirus programe.

  25. jitendra says:

    quick heal is the best dont try this all makes the system slow.

  26. BTB Management, Sales and Presentation Skills Training Ireland says:

    Would agree with earlier comments the AVG interface is very easy to use. Thanks for posting

  27. amaresh kumar says:

    AVG version 8 has my cpu running at 100% most of the time and Im not the only one. Its good but a real resource hog that slows me down big time

  28. Joan says:

    does anyone use pc tools anti virus? I just downloaded it to my laptop because AVG no longer updates it’s $59.99 or something in that range.

  29. Jack says:

    Your article while valid for when it was written, in my opinion is no longer true. AVG 8 is now a resource hogging pig like Norton AV, both on your system and internet. Since they no longer support the free 7.X versions there is no choice but to upgrade to ver. 8.X. I have since tried Avast and Nod32 Trial, both of which pick up other antivirus/firewall .exe’s as viruses. Nod32 didn’t like Zone Alarm at all and Avast didn’t like AVG. You could argue that they were infected by viruses, but nothing else was infected on my system, which does seem a little strange.

    You try this page here


  30. vijay says:

    avg is excellent software………..

  31. Jayakumar says:

    hi we need fast virus scanner

  32. babis says:

    AVG 7.5 detected 3 trojans that Norton missed.
    AVG 8 seemed preety effective along with
    THREAT FIRE antispyware and COMODO firewall (COMODO
    can drive you mad sometimes with all its pop-up
    warnings)but all three could not prevent or detect after lots of scans a malware
    that caused continuous system crashes.Only AVIRA FREE detected it and isolated it with its high sensitivity ANTIVIR.But AVIRA FREE has a big disadvantage:doesnt offer e-mail scanner.

  33. FREIND says:

    It’s all going mad.
    AVG 8.x follows norton & mcafee by swallowing resorces !

    Please suggest a fast @ effective Antivirus software !!!
    Thank U !

  34. yamini says:

    I have been testing few antivirus..
    Avast is good followed by avg & kaspersky..

    i will not suggect macfee n nortan as the utilized huge amount of system resources

  35. chiranjeevi says:

    this the best antivirus software

  36. munir says:

    hi this is my first time i download free i hope it will good.thank you

  37. big A says:

    hy guys,avast seems to do be its dificult to gets the updates,so i think nortion is better

  38. randy says:

    Avast is better than AVG in detecting viruses…

  39. sayed says:

    hi this is my first time i download free i hope it will active and strong

  40. nader says:

    thank you for clean my computer from viruse

  41. uday says:

    please help me out fom viruses

  42. AHMED BELLO says:

    Good Day,
    please i want to have a latest avg anti virus ,in other to say away from virus.
    Thanks for making me happy

  43. paritosh vishnoi says:

    it is very best antivirus

  44. tarak maji says:

    it’s works strongly then others antivirus then i love it

  45. superman says:

    i have been using avast for years…
    No problem so far… it’s very good

  46. sathish says:

    avg was excellent and reliable free antivirus software……….for all computer using people

  47. amit says:

    for free avg 8 is best and for paid version kaspersky and avir premium both r best.

  48. bjauhari says:

    My AVG still can’t detect viruses than other antivirus program even after i’ve completely up dated every day.
    I’ve try to check through with panda scan online, and still there were alot of files infected found.
    Why my updated AVG still couldn’t find those viruses??
    AVG is not quite good antivir but still i’m using it because it’s free and i’ve let my computer with a viruses unhealed.

  49. Kumar Anand says:

    Which Anti-Virus(Free)is the best for my Laptop.

  50. Freebie says:

    Comodo Internet Suite works great on my pc.

    I used to use only the Comodo Firewall. I find its OS Firewall very useful for detecting virus activations and other suspicious activities in my computer.

    A drawback: sometimes Comodo just doesnt go resident and active anymore. I just uninstall and reinstall the whole thing and it’s good again.

    Not bad for a freebie…

  51. Fouad says:

    Gays … AVG Site Says The Free Version Does not Have:
    # Protection against identity theft, hacker attacks, infected downloads, infected instant-messaging and spam
    # Protection for business computers, networks, and servers
    Check At :

    So How Can We Trust It

  52. Spyke says:

    I have used all of he above anti-virus. For the begining I suppose AVG,COMODO, AVIRA are all good solutions. But for little advanced usage like constant internet, small resource usage and etc. I would recomend Avast along with PC Tools ThreatFire. Avast uses good detection rates with regular interval updates, acts as a transparent firewallinfront of your browser which blocks many malwaresand virus in first step, rest can be removed during scan and small resource usage while Threatfire almost the same but lages in detection rates, it is only better because it uses behaviour-based detection which is a good step n free security.
    So Avast along with PC Tools Threatfire is the best for Home usage but don’t ask it to do all for you and behave like complete professionals, there are others like NOD32, Kaspersky and also ZoneAlarm for that cause.

  53. Ats says:

    from last 1yr i have been using Quick Heal but now im facing problem with QH, thts why now i want to install the best of best package on my PC

    Pl suggest the best one.

  54. says:

    please sent latest avg anti virus to me. Thanks.

  55. Biken Shahi says:

    I need to kick out all the Viruses, Worms, and that is sure to be done by AVG

  56. sandes sapkota says:

    IT is a waste of time.I doesnt get downloaded for hours.

  57. Kaiser says:

    I’ve used many antivirus already. Norton, Mc affe, avg, avira, avast, bitdefender. norton made my pc run slower, others just doesn’t leave your computer 100% protected like avast and avg, but i suggest you people to use the free avast first because i believe that it can better protect your computer than the other free antivirus. but if you still got infected, install and scan your computer with avg as it can sometimes heal or fix the virus that the other antivirus are neglecting. {^^,}

  58. sonu says:

    avast antivirus home edition is the best best best in the world

  59. EWITOPE SESAN .A. says:

    Please i need a good antivirus on my system.

  60. cyndy says:

    I have been very pleased with PC Tools. The antivirus spyware doctor, and Registry Mechanic. It’s easy to use, and you’ll get a trial period to try it out, and then a yearly renewal at $29.95 for each program. I like it much better than McAfee or Norton.

  61. stoffel says:

    i want to ofload avg anti virus free 9.00

  62. Sujith TS says:

    Avast is my all time favorite. I have been using it for over 4 years now. Very recently they have come up with their new upgrade Avast Antivirus 5.0.545 which has a user friendly and easy to use interface. No other antivirus program offers you real time sheilds such as File System Shield, Mail Sheild, Web Sheild, P2P Sheild, IM Sheild, Network Sheild and Behaviour Sheild etc like Avast does. I would recommend all of you to try this one and Im sure you would love it. The best part is that it does not consume much on your system resources and hence does not slow down your system. Hats off to Alwil team for developing such an amazing product free for Home users.

  63. rachana adhikari says:

    i want best antivirous.which one best ?

  64. Naim Rm says:

    Now i’m using the AVG anti virus and i found that anti virus is awesome compare to the others………

  65. ankit kumar says:

    quick heal

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