How to View All Posts in Blogger Edit Posts Panel

Ever since I moved to WordPress, I am fixing up my Blogger posts to redirect to the current posts. But you can only view posts by number in Blogger and not by month as in WordPress. And the maximum number of posts you can see on the Edit Posts panel is 300 posts only.

So if I have 1000 posts, I can view a maximum of most recent 300 posts at one time. If I want to see previous posts, I need to search by keywords, and yet not get a complete list of posts. How to View All Posts in Blogger Edit Posts Panel?

So here is the way to do it. On your edit posts panel, you see the url in the location bar is
(some number is your blogger blogs unique ID)

You add the following to this url depending on the number of posts you want to see.

So if I want to see all my 1000 posts on one screen and power edit or delete posts, I type this in the browser location bar

Try it and editing and managing post will be much easier. If you use firefox, or any other tabbed browser, just keep on opening edit and delete post screens in multiple tabs while keeping this main window open, so that you do not need to keep reloading it repeatedly. Power edit Blogger!

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