Lifetime Domain Web Hosting Deals : Value for Money?

Recently many more web hosting companies are offering an option to host domain names at cheaper rates via lifetime web hosting offers.

This basically means that you pay a limited one time fee which ensures limited storage, limited bandwidth and a basic web hosting service for your domain name. And this one time payment support lifetime hosting for your website.

It seems a good option for a personal website, where you can keep a neat small website with limited number of visitors online for lifelong. The lifetime fees are usually high and is usually equivalent to a powerful webhosting package charges for one year. But may seem value for money to you. Do look out for reviews of your web host and customer satisfaction before moving on…

But the question is will such web hosting companies last a lifetime? Either way you have to keep renewing your domain name every year to keep such websites online. And they have some fine print hidden clauses worth reading in detail. Usually webmasters stay with their web hosting service, unless the service is bad enough for moving to a new host. So getting a new customer is precious!

If you ask me, I feel the best option today (which I have also purchased) is a web hosting package like that of Dreamhost, which offers unlimited domain hosting, unlimited subdomain hosting, 1 terabyte monthly bandwidth, 25GB storage and lots of powerful features.


  1. eddie Powell says:

    Well I have been using for lifetime hosting for several years and have had great service. You may want to look at them.

    The lifetime plan there is only 49.99

  2. Social Bookmarking says:

    I suggest You could contact them anytime by live chat, yes they have lifetime hosting plan.

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