Ether Phone Number : Earn Money Talking Expert Advice

I found this cool phone service called Ether via an “Arrange Call” button I saw on a website. The concept is simple – People pay to talk to you.

I know you would not want to post your phone number on the web due to privacy issues. Moreover why should someone call your personal mobile phone number and seek free expert advice. The solution – get a free Ether Phone Number, give expert professional advice / support and get paid for your knowledge.

Sign up for your own unique Ether Phone Number and set it to forward calls to your actual phone number – your cell phone, home land line phone etc… Then you decide How much is your time worth, lets say $50 per call, or $10 per minute!

People will only be able to call you when they’ve prepaid your rate. So there is no problem of unpaid phone calls or expert fees. You can also set the hours when you want to take calls by adjusting the automatic schedule which is set so you don’t get calls at night. A Click to Call Ether Button for your blog or website that lets customers know whether you’re available to take calls.

Ether bills their credit cards and sends you your money via direct deposit or check. Ether ‘s commission is 15% (10% for Beta sign-ups), with no monthly fees, no setup fees, and no connection fees.

Ether is currently in Invite-Only Beta testing, so only a select number of people get to try Ether. This is another great way to interact with your readers and earn extra money doing what you love. I am sure it will become popular when they come out of beta.

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