Verify Site Ownership for Blogger Blogs in Google Sitemaps

Google Sitemaps is an experiment in web crawling that uses Sitemaps to inform and direct the Google crawlers to speed up the discovery and addition of pages to their index. Once you verify that you’re the site owner, they can provide you with comprehensive statistics and error information about the pages in your site.

Till recently they required you to upload a blank predefined html file into the root of your website server to verify site ownership. But this was not possible for Blogger blog as you has no access to upload such a file to the root server. Now they have introduced a new way to verify ownership by including a predefined META tag into your site’s home page in the HEAD section of the page.
<_META name="verify-v1" content="unique-string">

Google Sitemaps is an excellent tool and introduction of this new to verify ownership will help a lot of Blogger blogs use the service to track site statistics and error information. Since I moved to WordPress, I am using the Google Sitemap Generator WordPress Plugin which automatically pings Google when I update. Try Google Sitemaps today.

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