Blogathon 2006: Fast Blogging Stamina for 24 Hours

How many times do you post on your blog in a day? 5, 10 or 15 posts. How about a post every 30 minutes for 24 hours. That is what the Blogathon or Blog marathon is about.

The 2006 Blogathon will begin at 0600 Pacific Time, on July 29. During the Blogathon, bloggers update their websites every 30 minutes for 24 hours straight. For this, they collect sponsorships. Pledges can be a flat donation, or a certain amount for every hour the blogger manages to stay awake.

Blogathon Rules

And these are the rules which involves having a lot of fun while blogging away busily.

1. Each participant must post a new blog article every 30 min for the 24 hour period starting on July 26, 2002, at 6:00 AM Pacific Time.
2. Each blogger must raise at least $20 by July 21.
3. You actually have to be awake while blogging so don’t try to trick the system by using update scripts

Read the FAQ for more information and queries. Group blogs are okay, provided you still only blog for one charity per site.

Find a charity you want to raise money for. A blog can raise money for only one charity. It is essential the charity accepts online donations. Remember the Blogathon is a fundraising event and you may make this donation yourself if necessary.

Do you have the blogging stamina to join the Blogathon and blog continously for 24 hours!


  1. BillyG says:

    Actually, I only post once a day, to my blog anyway. I post all day long to my account though, and that rolls into my blog everynight where I catch it, delete all the individual tags for each incoming link, and add tags to the post itself and edit the title.

    That made it sound like alot but it really is pretty quick since I just grab the post tags that I’ve inserted and copy them to the post title space. Of course, that gives me ugly titles but I’m only doing this to gather personal info anyway, teh titles are just in case anybody else is interested in checking them out also.

    Okay, that’s enuff typing for today.

  2. Jai says:

    I’ll be joining the 2006 Blogathon as well as my girlfriend and her brother using seperate blogs and charities. I think this is a great way for the casual and net users alike to use their internet interest to raise money for a wide variety of good causes. I mean, what better reason to blog than to give sick children a second chance or become part of the struggle against disease etc. There is so much that we can do as an internet culture, all we have to do is step up and say “This is my fight too, and I can make a difference.”
    So please, get involved and show the world that you care about those who need our help. Join the Blogathon! You’ll feel great knowing that your tireless posting is helping your chosen charity to go on with their efforts. I guarantee you’ll want to come back next year.

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