How Much Does a Professional Blog Design Cost?

So you bought a new cheap domain name for your new blog and now want to seriously promote it and convey your professional blogger profile to readers at first glance. What you need is a professional web designer to redesign your blog with a new professional web design to set you apart from default blog template designs…

How Much Does a Professional Blog Designer Charge? Chris Pearson explains how much a redesign of your blog could cost you – starting at $1500 (surprised!), and that too for a blog with minimal graphics, no customized icons, and no logo production. Of course you do get a unique blog design that is browser compatible and is hand crafted for your own site. He suggests that plug-in support an extra graphics can make the price of expensive at much as $ 3000!

And these charges seem to be justified for a good professional blog design. But then they promise you something unique which will portray your image as a problogger. They point to another blog design service BlogStudio which have similar pricing.

Remember these are the industry top web designers and web design reputed projects. You can see their wonderful design porfolios to see the sites they have designed. If that is beyond your budget, you can definitely find cheaper web designers, but have a look at their portfolio and get feedback from current clients. And if you know a little css and html, you might create some great blog designs yourself.

May I point you to some cool blogger templates or wordpress themes to get your blog a new look!

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