Self Hold Google Adsense Payment to Reduce Banking Fees

Google Adsense helps you earn money from your site. If you live outside the US, get monthly Adsense checks which are not in your local currency, then banks apply processing fees which is a significant percentage / fixed amount that is deducted from your final earnings and credited to your bank account.

Inside Adsense suggests that “you can let your earnings accrue and then receive larger checks less frequently by placing a self-hold on your account. This will help reduce the overall impact of any check processing fees charged by your bank.”

The Adsense help center shows how it works –

“Setting a payment self-hold will stop payments until you update your preference and remove the hold. Your account will continue to accrue earnings, and we’ll make a single payment in the next payment cycle once you’ve released the payment hold if your earnings balance is US$100 or more.”

“Please note that any changes made to your hold preference may not take effect for the following payment cycle, if made after the 15th of the month. Please try to update your settings before the 15th in order to avoid this delay.”

This is a useful tip to those recieving payment in US dollars and getting charged by banks for currency conversion from international cheques. Get more money less frequently, to reduce bank charges… Anyway a large sum of money is gone when you pay income tax on google adsense revenue.

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